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am 3. Juni 2013
Berlin in 1955. The Cold War at its coldest. An occupied city in ruins. A young English soldier in the signal corps is assigned a minor role in a CIA/MI6 snooping project doomed from the start. And unwittingly plays a key role in the closure of the project, along the way destroying his first romance in a tragic accidental murder of his fiancé's ex-husband. Gripping narrative, post-war Berlin comes to vivid life, and the roles of ordinary people in extraordinary events make a page turning read you won't be able to put down.
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am 27. Januar 2010
This book is sad and touching, mixing the twisted world of counter espionage with a love story, which of course is an old recipe. McEvan however takes this to another level, placing the characters in grey post-war Berlin, and contrasting innocence and brutality. I like the style of Ian McEvan, and this book did not disappoint me.
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am 9. März 2013
Ian McEwan's Schreibstil ist eigentümlich und extravagant.
Berlin in der Nachkriegszeit aus unterschiedlichen Sichtweisen von Besatzern und Besetzten.
Menschliche Schicksale und Emotionen , wie auch die Stellung der Frau in diesen Zeiten sind eindrucksvoll und spannend erzählt. Wieder ein Mc Ewan , den man mit Interesse und Neugier verschlingt.
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am 15. April 2015
ja, auch ein Geschenk an meine Schwester. Sie hat nur gesagt dass sie Ian McEwan als Schriftsteller mag. Zum Inhalt kann ich leider nichts sagen. Ich kenne die Geschichte leider nicht.
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am 14. August 2016
A gripping and involving tale of the Cold War, that did leave me wondering if all was really quite as it seemed. The main character, Leonard, is a slightly nerdy young man who is sent out to Berlin in the mid 1950s to help construct an elaborate phone-tapping system. To say that he gets out of his depth on a number of counts is an understatement.

I found the story a bit slow to get going as there is a lot of technical description of the surveillance tunnel and tapping system (which did, in fact exist), but I think in retrospect this was all part of the author's intention. The atmosphere of 50s Berlin is very well-evoked and the characters well-observed. I felt that there was much going on below the surface, rather like the tunnel itself.

The story takes a dramatic turn about two-thirds of the way through, and turns from subtle and atmospheric to full-on horror and gore. I'm not a fan of grisly crime stories, but I did find this section strangely compelling - even verging on black humour in parts - and absolutely necessary to the whole story.

One small observation if the publisher is reading this: there are a few mistakes in the German. I'm not by nature a nit-picker, but having lived in Germany for 20 years, I was a little irritated by 'dankhar' for 'dankbar', 'con' for 'von' and 'Rippenchen' for 'Rippchen' - unless this last one is Berliner dialect. I read the Kindle version which I got from
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am 20. März 2010
Das Hörbuch (Audiobook) zum Roman "The Innocent" von Ian McEwan ist wirklich fantastisch! Anton Lesser hat eine sehr angenehme Lesestimme. Für LeserInnen, deren Englischkenntnisse evtl. nicht perfekt sind oder schon einige Jahre zurück liegen (wie in meinem Fall), kann ich unbedingt empfehlen, beim Hören der Audio-CD's das engl. Taschenbuch "The Innocent" vor sich liegen zu haben und den Text - zumindest beim ersten Anhören - im Buch mitzuverfolgen. Das Hörbuch ist zwar um einige Passagen gegenüber dem Roman gekürzt, aber das tut dem Hörgenuss keinen Abbruch.

Nun zur Geschichte selbst: "The Innocent" ist ein hervorragender Spionage-Thriller, der im Jahr 1955 mitten im Kalten Krieg in Berlin spielt und durch die eingebaute Liebesgeschichte des britischen Offiziers Leonard Marnham (der in Diensten der Amerikaner steht) zu einer Deutschen einige überraschende Momente bereit hält. Noch überraschender ist allerdings das Finale am Schluss des Buches (bitte Taschentücher bereit halten). Mittendrin wird's ein bisschen blutig - oder sagen wir mal: ganz schön sogar... (bei dem harmlosen Titel hätte ich alles andere vermutet, aber NICHT das!).

Die Figuren in dem Roman, wie Ian McEwan sie für "The Innocent" erschaffen hat, wirken so lebensecht, so nah! Der Autor hat seinen Protagonisten wahres Leben eingehaucht, und beim Lesen glaubt man, sich mitten im Geschehen zu befinden (genau dies habe ich z. B. beim Roman "On Chesil Beach" ein wenig vermisst; dort wirkten die Figuren bis zum Schluss auf mich etwas "leblos" und unreal).

Sicherlich, der Kalte Krieg ist längst vorüber und Berlin zum Glück heute keine geteilte Stadt mehr, aber es ist trotzdem ein Vergnügen und sehr interessant, sich noch einmal beim Lesen bzw. Hören zwanzig Jahre zurückversetzen zu lassen und dem Bau des unterirdischen Spionage-Tunnels von West- nach Ostberlin (Operation "Stopwatch"/"Gold") durch die Briten und Amerikaner beizuwohnen! Dabei ist natürlich die exzellente sprachliche Darstellung des Autors maßgeblich, dass das Ganze so ein erstklassiger Lesegenuss geworden ist!

Fünf Sterne für eines der besten Bücher, das ich in letzter Zeit gelesen habe. Die Geschichte wirkt noch eine ganze Weile nach, nachdem man (frau) sie gelesen hat; das kann ich versprechen!
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am 22. Januar 2003
Until this book, "The Innocent", written in 1989, I had only read more recent works by author Ian McEwan. He has been widely honored both in prizes that he had been nominated for, and in prizes he has won such as The Booker Prize, and the Somerset Maugham Award. If you are only familiar with his more recent work you may find yourself puzzled and disappointed as I was with this novel.
The kernel this book is built around is based on true historical events. There was a major intelligence gathering tunnel built to tap Soviet communication lines that was begun around 1953 and was abandoned when discovered by the Soviets in April of 1956. The novel begins as a Cold War spy genre book, adds a love story, and then veers off wildly in a direction worthy of a Quentin Tarantino film. Until the point I mention, I thought the book was a reasonably good read; however when the bizarre turn of events came about I only finished the book as I was close to the end and I was curious how the author would bring the whole novel to a close.
The author wrapped up his tale, again using a piece of history, but he did so in a manner that was as outlandish as the acts spawned by the final decisions of the protagonist, and made this portion of the book funny, even silly.
I have greatly enjoyed other work by Mr. McEwan and I will continue to read his new books and continue my way back through his earlier published tales. From my experience with what I have previously read, this is an anomaly for him, and I would not suggest it as a first venture in to this author's work.
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am 2. März 2010
Starting at "On Chesil Beach" and working my way zigzag backwards, I arrived at "The Innocent" by Ian McEwan. Its interesting to read a book about which the critics (here at Amazon) differ so much in their opinions.

This is a good Spy, Love, Historical story which is so well researched and so well thought out. Really enjoyed it from start to finish. Try it yourself.
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am 3. Mai 1999
McEwan deftly illustrates how turmoil and deception can lie just below the surface, whether that surface is a city street in divided Berlin, or the surface of a seemingly clean-cut, upright human being. In McEwan's world of post-war Germany, no one is truly innocent, or at least no one beyond page 20, and nothing is truly as it seems. All is a shade of grey, nothing is black and white. This book is gripping, as Leonard's life becomes more ensnared in lies and cover-ups. A terrific read.
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am 19. Juli 1999
A friend recommended this book to me, and for the first seventy or so pages I was moderately dubious of this recommendation, but the story really picks up and becomes impossible to put down. An excellent examination of the concept of innocence that I would recommend to anyone. The ending was a little trite but that doesn't spoil the whole work.
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