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5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 25. Januar 2010
This is the second book in the 'Dalemark' quartet by Diana Wynn Jones, and I was a bit disappointed at first when I was hoping for news of the story set out in 'Cart and Quidder' and their protagonists' flight from South Dalemark to the free North. They simply did not show up again. Instead, the story introduces the tough life in oppressed South Dalemark as seen through the eyes of the young pauper Mitt and those of two aristocratic heirs.
However, as the story evolves with their first chance meeting and shows how their futures get linked more and more through their flight from the city of Holand, I was mesmerized by that story more and more and thoroughly enjoyed it.

And now, after having read all 4 parts of the story, I see that the 4 books together make a well rounded 'whole' and the differences between the 4 books (From the musicians in 'Cart and Quidder' and the flight in 'Drowned Ammet', via the pre-historic recording of 'Spellcoats' to the end in modern day Dalemark in 'Crown of Dalemark') serve to make the story all the more interesting and help the quartet to stand out among other fantasy stories (like most of Diana Wynne Jones' stories do).

Best regards,
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