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am 20. Mai 2014
Well well well...where should i begin?
i bought this after reading a bunch of good reviews here...
first of all...this book has seriously been compared to the hunger games? reads itselve like the author had just read hunger games and wrote divergent immideately afterwards...

O my god....never before has a book tricked me like that...i thought divergent sucked...then towards the end it finally got a little bit more interesting. So i ordered allegiant and insurgent online...but it was a mean, mean trick. Vol. 2 sucked again, then like 50 pages, that didn't suck so badly...and then, surprise vol. 3 sucked again!!!

Do you know these very typical unbelievably annoying female lead charakters, you find very often in urban fantasy novels or...well stuff like divergent?
You know...they're beautiful, innocent, virtuous...of course they are all still virgins...most of them haven't even kissed yet. and they are always sooo "brave". they throw themselves into danger every possible time they can...always attempting to save a loved one...or for that matter a complete stranger, while they have no skill, whatsoever. they just do it...even though it's not helping anyone...
so basically the most boring, annoying girl that was ever invented over and over and over again.
we know her from twilight, the vampire diaries, beautiful creatures, the mortal instruments,...

well, the main charakter in divergent ist exactly the same. except for 2 things: she's not pretty, and she likes to punch people in the face.
sorry...not good enough.

This book series feels like the author tried way too hard being different, writing different, creating different characters, and failed miserably...

The plot changes twice per volume. a storyline is build up, then right when it starts becomeing interesting, it is dropped and exchanged for a new one...nothing ever gets the author just likes to change her mind a lot, or gets bored and lazy, so just droppes it and writes something else.

it is exacly the same with the characters. they are not well developed, they are not all-rounded, or complex. they just change their entire personality back and forth about three times per book.

ATTENTION---SPOILER for the entire series!!!!!!!!-----

SPOILER for the entire series ----Tris death in the end was okay, because she was so unbelievable annoying, but it once again felt like the only reason it happened was that the author wanted to be so different again, and for me thats just not a good enough reason. And how come tris is always mad at her brother for leaving abnegation, when she did exactly the same...hypocrit-----SPOILER END.


one final come all the erudite guys are wearing glasses, and nobody else?
it seems to me, that she is either insinuateing, that all the erudite have bad eye sight, or they are wearing the glasses, to look smarter, which is about the dumbest thing i have ever heard. and aren't they supposed to be super smart?

the only good thing i have to say about this book is, that it is absolutely not predictable. which is because the storyline changes completely twice per book. so actually, it's not a good thing...

so, for all the hunger games fans out there, who are thinking about reading the divergent series, because someone said you would like it...don't.
where the hunger games surprised us, and actually was different from all the predictable, childproof mainstream crap out there...divergent is in fact...not.

whatever, this series sucks, and i wish i coul un-read it. wow. never again will i listen to good reviews.
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