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am 4. Februar 2014
To say it with the authors preference for Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing!

This book is targeted at advanced programmers, who want to get real with JavaScript. Why then is it necessary to fill page after page with syntax/rail diagrams, which show the most basic language constructs? And because these diagrams are considered so essential, they are repeated in the appendix. That’s about 20% of padding material! And for not being an introductory text, this book contains too much language reference documentation. Again, desperately increasing an otherwise insignificant the page count.

The author largely fails to present motivational reasons, why a a specific feature should be used instead of alternatives. But luckily, this lack of reasoning is evened out by printing a neat JSON parser on another six pages in Appendix E. Go figure!

In most code examples, the interesting bit is obscured by useless noise, which does not contribute to an understandable explanation of the topic at hand. This is unsatisfying and disappointing, because exciting language features become a fuzzy blur.

Overall, this book seems to be stitched together in the hope to come up with enough pages to make it noteworthy. It is un unfocused and heartless attempt to present an otherwise interesting topic. Namely, setting aside the good from the bad features of JavaScript.

Five stars for the idea and the attempt, and for covering a wide range of topics. Sadly, I have to pull three stars for the weak execution.
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