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am 21. Februar 2014
First off, I acknowledge that the author was brave for sharing her spirit communications with her son and her journey from hardcore skeptic/atheist to having her spiritual beliefs shifted. I wish her all the joy that this world has to offer and would guess that this book is going to continue to attract at least millions of other dedicated followers. I am also aware that at least one family member, friend, and/or fan of her work is going to downvote this review, but I must make my case on why the two stars through some of the pros and cons of My Son And The Afterlife by Elisa Medhus M.D:
Pros: Medhus’s great love for her family and son shines through the book. Her writings convince me that one of the reasons why she was and still is extremely close to him may stem from additional past lives that they had together which were mostly positive. Obviously, I do not condone abuse in any form, but sadly, I feel that other children and teenagers who have much more abusive parents and/or family members (and/or made to feel like the family’s black sheep) may be resolving heavy karma from past lifetimes that may or may not be resolved between them and the offenders during current lifetimes. What this has to do with the author’s story is that many of the positives she describes in her son and family highlight the closeness and great love that is most likely in their family from most likely positive family elements from past lives and current lifetime. It is obvious that very little heavy karma in the way of family relationships closeness is a problem with her or any of her other kids.
2nd pro: She persuasively makes a point on why she feels that she is now communicating with her son despite her being a former atheist. She truthfully explains how others treated her when she opened up about her communications with her son. 3rd positive of her book: On page 132, a convincing point is made on why having therapy and going through healing first on earth can make a soul’s growth much easier than if he or she postponed such healing until after leaving the earth plane.
1st con: I do not doubt for a second that she is truly channeling her son and that he transitioned to a heavenly dimension/realm on the non-physical plane. However, I reluctantly confess that I feel that she may have unintentionally colored some of her human beliefs/perspectives and melded them with the translations given to her through her son. For instance, her son let her know that he was fine after passing over to the next realm. Non-judgemental messages from her son give a persuasive analysis on why suicide is best avoided by other souls currently thinking of it on this earth realm. However, she then goes to imply that her son is one of the occasional exception to this rule because he killed himself as part of his last earth life plan (page 55). I do believe that Erik is communicating with his mother and went to a light filled and heavenly dimension but respectfully disagree that he told her that he did it as part of his life’s plan. However, I have compassion for why Elisa Medhus’s grief over losing her son would cause her and the other human spirit translators involved to interpret it this way. The reason being: I do not doubt that there are unexplained reasons why countless souls have to endure hardships so early in life, but I feel that a loving God energy/consciousness would not burden a soul (especially a spirit who is just beginning to enter their life as a physically healthy man in his early 20’s) to intentionally commit suicide as part of their life purpose. Additionally, even if it is true that Erik did kill himself as part of his life purpose, writing this message in this book may set a dangerous precedent to other teenagers that maybe they too are thinking of suicide because it may be part of their own life plan. 2nd con: One of her main messages in this book is the theme that Erik committed suicide and that it is no other human beings place to judge him for this. Additionally, on page xxvi, the Elisa Medhus quotes Erik as saying this “I will not stand and condone suicide, nor will I be the guy who tells you that suicide is for the weak, “I will also not say that suicide is honorable, but more of a self-expression. My point is that I do not disagree with these tenets especially since an emphasis on non-judgement is implied. However, on page 95, both Medhus and apparently her son have a conversation with each other about men and women who voluntarily intend and declare that their current lifetimes are their last lifetimes on earth. Medhus adds her human judgement on the topic by quoting, “yeah I guess if they are that disenchanted with their last life, then they need to come back.” Medhus is basically judging (from her human perspective) those she feels needs to reincarnate back on earth the most without taking into account the saying “ do not judge another man or woman until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” It is not another person’s (regardless of how wise such a person is or their earthly occupation) place to judge anyone who sets their intention for this current earth lifetime to be their last. As far as I’m concerned, if an afterlife truly exists (which I believe it probably does) then most spirits in the non-physical realm are neutral and non-judgemental about another soul’s intention to end their reincarnation on earth and stay in the non-physical realms. Medhus’s viewpoint on this clashes with her theme of non-judgement towards what her own son decided (although through a different drastic life decision). 3rd con: Pages 77 and 141-Medhus and her son imply that men and women who were atheists on earth go into “nothingness” on earth and apparently have a narrower vibration and a completely different afterlife. I am neither an atheist or skeptic and believe that there are actually atheists and skeptics who transition straight to heavenly dimensions upon death due to their good karma and/or having a high vibration and/or light body. As a result, I believe that compassion would be extended to such spirits when they pass over into the spirit world. With the author being a former atheist, she may have been unintentionally adding her own human perspective on what she feels happens to an atheist/skeptic upon death. My other caveat with this book, is that the author did not emphasize or make it clear frequently enough in the book that her son’s interpretations of the afterlife are not necessarily absolute truths and they are more or less strictly influenced by his own belief systems. I understand that there are others who will still feel guided to check out this book. However, I would also gently recommend these other channeled titles in addition for those who are curious to know more about the spirit world:
The World Unseen by Anthony Borgia
The Afterlife Interviews Volume 1 by Jeffrey Marks
The Teachings of Silver Birch by A.W. Austen
Matthew Tell Me About Heaven: A Firsthand Description Of The Afterlife by Suzanne Ward
Life On The Causal Plane: A Glimpse of Heaven by Marian Eileen Charlton M.A.
The Other Side of Suicide by Karen Peebles
Guided by Angels: My Tour Of The Spirit World by Paddy McMahon
Beyond Human Personality by Geraldine Cummins
The Afterlife Unveiled: What The Dead Are Telling Us About Their World by L. Stafford Betty
Letters From The Afterlife: A Guide To The Other Side by Elsa Barker
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