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am 15. Juli 2011
Four years after Robin Gibb's Concert with the Frankfurt Philharmonic Orchestra, Robin returns performing from Denmark with the Danish National Concert Orchestra. Without much fanfare, Robin and his band start right into, "More Than A Woman", bringing the audience into the excitement. The songs continue with the typical Robin Gibb flair but there is not much new from the 2005 concert DVD, other than a few new songs. Most notably is "Alan Freeman Days" which is probably the highlight of the concert. "Islands In The Stream" is also a new live song and proves the audience is appreciative of its inclusion, but the spark is simply not there. "New York Mining Disaster 1941" is also here, but in its original form and not as exciting a new interpretation that it was given on the previous DVD. It is fortunate to hear Robins voice in the forefront and separated from the three excellent female back-up vocalists, but there is a question that begs answering. Did Robin use computer altered singing in the final mix? At times it does seem that his voice has that "Glee" style, but then again, Robin's vibrato has always been steady and unique. I would have said there is none until I heard, "Juliet". Its sounds just like he was singing a Glee song. Even the percussionist looks at him several times as if he were out of tune. No matter. He still sends out a good song. One thing that is missing is the standard earphone or the classic Robin hand-clasp to the ear. He does have five speakers that send his vocals directly back to him onstage, but is that enough? It isn't until the final song that the uses his hand for sound balance.

It should be noted that this concert is about one-half hour shorter than the previous DVD. It also does not have as much of the earlier interpretations that the other DVD had, other than a few minor alternate song endings. Also missing are the songs, "Please", "Love Hurts" and "My Lover's Prayer", all songs that added a unique atmosphere to a public audience of adoring fans. It is interesting to hear "You Should Be Dancing" sung in a normal ranged voice and have it come off as a strong concert song, but "Jive Talkin'" lacks the funkiness of the original.

The grounds and day concert atmosphere of the Ledreborg Castle is impressive with a large audience. There is not a great deal of performer/audience interaction, but as a total entity, the concert works. It's just a shame that there are no extras. The biggest disappointment is that although the DVD claims to be in DTS Digital Surround Sound, it is only in stereo. This is a technical item that is nearly unforgivable, particularly considering the expansive concert grounds and audience.
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