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am 30. Dezember 1999
I am a student of evolutionary psychology and evolution, and I found this book a poor representation of both. This book fails to provide anything more than carefully selected biological jargon to support the author's desire for a world based on Victorian principles of sexual restraint and life-long monogamy. Wright is under several delusions. First, that pretty women have more sexual restraint. Gee, Wright, I guess that means that all those women in pornography and Playboy are grotesque! The reality is that attractive women have the opportunity to play at high-stakes in the world of sexual economics. Being in high demand, they have two choices -- they can withhold supply to the highest bidder (marriage) or, they can supply sex to many lesser bidders in the form of dates, serial monogamy, prostitution, or other sex work. Which a woman chooses is PURELY CULTURAL. Today in the first world, thanks to the economic power and reproductive choices women now enjoy, most women choose serial monogamy. In Victorian times they choose marriage. In societies in which marriage is drudgery and prostitution is legal, the most independent woman will choose prostitution. Where prostitutes are killed, of course, only the very desperate will risk it. To say that NATURE dictates monogamous life-long marriage as the MORALLY superior choice is pure and utter fantasy.
The other delusion Wright holds is that men loathe women they sleep with unless they are married, and that women are best off withholding sex lest their willingness destroy any budding love he may have had for her. This is also backward logic. It is indeed true that men will have sex with women they dislike, and almost immediately after the act they will be reminded of his dislike and flee. The point here is that he disliked her to begin with, not because they had sex.
It is also true that men are not willing to invest a marriage commitment in women who are not sexually loyal, but at the same time have no trouble having sex with such women. This is evolutionary advantagous and should be expected. However, it is again PURELY CULTURAL for a man to feel hatred for the women he has sex with but does not marry, or to be offended by a woman's appetite or enjoyment of sex. Not proposing marriage is not the equivalent of hatred, though Wright seems to think so.
And yes, of course culture comes from the adapted mind, but cultures are vastly different. It is the intersection of biology and environment that creates culture, and it is within culture that morals are formed.
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