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25. Oktober 2017
This book needed to be written! It is an eye-opening revelation for those who have been at odds with the rise of severe medical conditions despite all the "scientific progress" over the past century. Spoiler-alert: we all ought to be doubtful over the role of "science" in today's economy, if in spite of so much compelling evidence as regards to the biochemical properties of Glyphosate (no digression! It plays a crucial part in the book, too) "scientist" are still advocating the use of that poisonous disruptor in the production of food and feeds.
Dr. Gundry puts together a mind-blowing narrative with just the right amount of references and annotations for it to be still accessible and legible to patients and consumers, yet still indicating the solid, scientifically plausible and compelling foundation of what is laid out in the book.
Yes, lectins are everywhere. So, how can they be a problem to our health? They are if we have been exposed to these chemical deterrents to eating plants for only a brief period of time (5,000 years of exposure to grains is a SHORT time compared to hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution without grains. 500 years - the time we have been exposed to lectins from the botanical family of night-shades - is an even shorter time span, hence much MORE PROBLEMATIC). They are even more so given the effect of exposure to environmental toxins from household products, antibiotics and ... artificial amino acids with potentially devastating side-effects on the overall health of our gut.
Healing the gut by cutting out disruptors - and lectins - will provide the foundation to actually help our body heal itself.
The book is even more helpful because of Dr. Gundry's explanation of why patients with need for intensive care (severe medical conditions) ought to be aware of the biochemical implications of what and when they eat!
Well written, Dr. Gundry!
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