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am 13. Dezember 2012
Focusing on the east/west portion of the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York, ghost writer master, Lynda Lee Macken continues her extraordinary tales of spiritual encounters. The famed area of the Mohawk Indians and the Erie Canal is ripe with proven testimony and experiences of the supernatural.

Most of the haunts occur in mansions, churches, jails, libraries, battlefields and theaters. This area is particularly spirited as this is the landscape that contains the blood of French and Indian War soldiers and Revolutionary War patriots. This was once an area of wealthy commerce in the 18th and 19th centuries. Murderers were hanged in numbers as well. In the 19th century, a group called `The Spiritualist Movement' and an organization titled, `London's Ghost Club' and the `Society for Psychical Research' were founded. In the last decade, many popular television programs emerged, taking in the wealth of mystery of this area, including "Most Haunted", "Ghost Hunters", and others. The author contributed and experienced the tools of the ghost hunting trade such as `digital thermometers' and `electromagnetic field thermometers' (cold spots), night vision video cameras, audio recorders and laptop computers. These tools tend to debunk many of the supernatural claims, but Ms. Macken focuses on the ones that cannot be explained. This is what makes this all too short a collection so fascinating.

Some of the more interesting stories are about a Mohawk military/political chief named Joseph Brant who allied with Great Britain after the Revolutionary war and met with many significant leaders, such as George Washington and King George III. Brant grew in wealth and donated land and fund to construct the only surviving Indian Castle Church of the native people's castle in New York State. The New York State Paranormal Research team (NYSPR) with Cano Davy and Marcus Zwierecki, investigated this site and with this equipment were able to experience and record actual voices, white spheres (from infrared cameras), noises and hundreds of photos, some of which contain actual faces.

The `Rolling Hills Asylum" noted for its poor, orphaned and mentally ill along with their cruel caregivers has a record of over 1,750 deaths (many buried on the property). Considered a hotbed of paranormal activity, the NYSPR team was able to actually record vivid voices and photos of ghosts. This was part of a `Ghost Adventures' program in 2010.

Many of the sites are inhabited by owners and their experiences are told in detail. Some are friendly co-habitants and others are not. It is made clear that this area was a historically and culturally significant locale with countless tragedies and unsolved mysteries. Told in an almost too brief series of tales, the reader begs for more. There is an interesting quote in the introduction: "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud" - C. G. Jung.
Lynda Lee Macken has written dozens of books on this subject for the New Jersey and New York areas.
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