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am 2. Juli 2012
I've immediately bought this book after it was praised as new Hunger Games, but honestly i should have known this wasn't true.

The characters are boring and plain. I could't bring myself to feel any sympathy for any of 'em. Especially Tris and Four are horribly written characters. Four hasn't got any kind of personality, his only purpose in the novel is to be Tris lover. And there is absolutely no reason to why he likes Tris. He seems to care for her from the start of the novel, but there is no reason for that at all, especially since she wasn't standing out nor had they met before. but he still seemed to have cared for her immediately and tried to protect her from everything.
And the only thing I am going to say about Tris is that she is the most annoying and dislikeable character I've read about. Particularly *spoilers* in the end of the novel where she decides she rather dies for Four(who would most likely have been killed afterwards anyways), than saving her brother, hundreds of other people and fulfill the cause her parents died for. THIS behavior isn't brave, being brave is to make sacrifices, and the life of your lover( you barely knew) is nothing compared to the life of hundreds of innocent people.
*spoilers end*

But the ending was ridiculous anyway. Ifyou want to know more you should definitely read this review.

Also the way this world is built makes no sense. Why would people actually cope with the Factions and change there whole life and leave their families and friends. There must have been some rebels, atleast the Factionless should have tried to pull of a revolution, but again NOPE. Rather make them live in poverty and make 'em cope with their awful lives, so Tris and Four can make out a little bit more.

Also Tris first goal seemed to be part of the system and to have a nice job in her Faction, then her next goal seems to be to defeat the Erudite. Why just that? Why not help the Factionless and suppress the complete system? Why not give people their choices and family back? Why shouldn't everybody try to be brave, smart, nice, honest, selfless and creative, instead of just being honest or smart?
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