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am 15. Juli 2012
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Fifty Shades of Grey (Kindle Edition)
I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy in March after reading about it in the Guardian (newspaper). With all the hoopla, and over 30 million copies sold in five months worldwide, it has now definitely made publishing history.

I started reading the first book in March. Ten pages into it, and I gave up. I found the writing too pedestrian for my taste. I'm a professional, and I work with a lot of professional women who surprisingly kept saying they loved the books. So, in May, I went back and started re-reading them. I have actually finished reading all three books now and I think this is why women are buying the trilogy in droves:

1. If you leave out the kinky bits, the books are about a couple and the compromises they make in order to have a relationship. Ultimately, they seem to reach some understanding about what each of them will do, and won't, despite all the problems involved. I think a lot of women plug into this immediately because it reflects their everyday lives and relationships.
2. Life is humdrum, so we need fantasies to keep us going. I'm sure I don't want to be married to an emotional cripple, but I would definitely be willing to spend a night with Mr. Grey just for the experience (as long as he doesn't flog me it's okay!). He's rich and can pander to my every whim. He can fly a helicopter and I've always wanted to do that. More importantly, Mr. Grey has a chauffeur/bodyguard and a housekeeper - and I would love to have them in my house doing the chores, running errands, cooking my meals, cutting the grass, and keeping an eye on my kids.
At one stage, I was hoping that Mr. Grey would hop out of the book and offer me all the luxuries he offers Ana Steele. I would have consented to almost everything, especially lying in the bathtub with him massaging my feet and telling me that he wants to look after me while my kids are banging on the door saying one needs to go for soccer practice, the second wants to be driven to the library, and the third needs something to eat as he's absolutely famished.
3. The writing itself is so unchallenging and easy to understand that nobody needs a dictionary or even has to wonder what some parts mean. This is one of the reasons why women are buying this book in such numbers. You read it and you understand right away what's going on. After an exhausting day at work and then looking after the family in the evening, this might actually be the only kind of thing we can read without falling asleep even before we've switched on our brains and our Kindles.
4. The episodal format is more suited for a TV series than a book, but it makes the trilogy somewhat interesting, especially when you get to the end of the first book because you want to know how the story is going to shape up finally.
5. Lastly, I think women like to read about sex in a safe environment. The Kindle facilitates this. However, the publishing world just seems to be waking up to this fact.

The most interesting issue for me about Fifty Shades of Grey is that the author, E L James, managed to bypass the starchy executives in the publishing industry by simply publishing online. For all we know, she might have redefined what writing and publishing are about in the 21st century. E L James has not written anything extraordinary. She's just a shy mother from a London suburb who is making almost a million pounds a week in royalties for writing this tosh, and that's what's extraordinary about these books.

Should you buy the trilogy? Well, there are several better written mindless romances if that's what you're looking for. If you want to read about lots of kinky but consensual sex in a safe environment, then this might be your choice. Be prepared for terrible writing, though, and an exasperating female protagonist who talks, thinks and behaves like a 9th grader. I sometimes wondered why Mr. Grey, who comes across as a highly troubled but intelligent paraphilic, didn't just shackle her to his cross and drown her in the Puget Sound.
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