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am 19. Juli 2009
Today I had the privilege; and again a BIG THANKS to the British/German Amazon site which delivered the released new DVD into my hands; to see the last movie from Mr. Pattinson; Little Ashes, which he shot before moving on to the World wide character he made famous in the Twilight Saga.

So far I haven't written any reviews for his movies, no need, there are so many-but here I must.

Mr.Pattinson-Dali is still in my head, emotions too and I know this movie stays with me forever.

Already I was highly surprised and thrilled with his three earlier art movies I own on DVD; The Haunted Airmen, The Bad Mother's Handbook & the musician Art in How to Be. Here I will not mention&compare Harry Potter,(which I haven't seen to be honest here) and sure not Twilight (which I saw of course; because I prefer art, independence, I prefer different movies. And all three I mentioned are categorized as the different & art ones.

They were made before Twilight; they were made after Harry Potter. Mr.Pattinson carefully picked the roles, the different challenging roles which he can just be so proud off - different and unique roles that will now shine and just confirm the right path he is/was in and now he's crowned with his worldwide fame and glory. And I am really glad, because he deserves all the glory, which I found in his charisma, with his powerful, emotionaly unique and extraordinary art of playing.

As a Dali fan too I really looked forward to, going open minded to another of his art movies - which would never see the light on DVD format (just my opinion here please, this I would definitely say for The Haunted Airmen and ...Handbook as well) if it weren't for Mr. Pattinson's worldwide rising star fame role in Twilight; playing the main character. In this film the role of the world famous artist/ surrealist Catalan painter Salvador Dali, whose full name is Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domènech.

The story of forbidden love, the love between 2 men, one accepts his own sexuality (Lorca) and the other, Dali doesn't; hiding it inside and denying it, even running away from it, until it's already too late. Dali chose success, money and yes, a wife.

But can you deny the one and only true love? Can you?

During the film I too felt like I was sitting on a roller coaster ride of intensity and emotions; laughing, enjoying the Spanish music, idyllic surroundings and Lorca poetry reading, (here I would definitely need the subtitles please, like all the movie had to have too, because of the powerful Spanish accent over English language) and I was crying. Yes, emotions - crying; you feel a part of their lives really affecting you in a way too.

Here we can see how Mr.Pattinson really pushed the limits on himself with playing an iconic & genius Dali => hysterically and incredibly shy, wrapped with his frequently bizarre out showing behavior complex; trying to push the contradictions and eccentricities of behavior in a matter of hours and always live a life - with no limit!

Hats off to Mr. Robert Pattinson here, for playing so fascinatingly and perfectly such an iconic historically famous complex person, a multi faceted exhibitionist genius to an awkward and annoying Salvador Dali, takes great skill and lots of courage. And by all means I can see (we can all see) it in him with this precisely impressive and extraordinary performance.

With this performance all he has to do is, just to be proud of himself; to be again away from the big budget Hollywood industry, which we all know, the movies are made for the money - and we can all see that Mr. Pattinson isn't part of it. I agree this part is again different, perhaps again his own art savior role, which again and again confirms his own path, Mr. Robert Pattinson's unique path-his truly emotional & intelligence passion for making a different career, which by all means again here can truly be seen on the big screen.

And I know this is just the beginning. The worldwide different art movie doors are wide open and waiting...

My dream - hoping one day to see Johnny Depp, Jack Nicolson and Robert Pattinson acting together in a movie directed by Tim Burton?? Yes...I know... just saying it out loud here.

I wish to thank Mr. Pattinson, again for all the movies he made; because they are the ones to remember.

I wish to see Mr. Robert Pattinson in his future projects showing us his awesome, masterpiece and extraordinary performance again & again => with his incredible charisma and different art in many movies to come with - no limit!

What I wish for Mr. Pattinson is that he takes a long rest from the Twilight 'worldwide' hype around him, knowing at least 1.5 year he'll be pretty much involved into it - with the Twilight Saga. I know, I will be watching the rest three of the sequels with much joy too.

And after a long deserved break in home England the art doors of movie industry, the big screen will still be here and waiting for something different...again... again different ...waiting for the different and extraordinary Mr. Robert Pattinson.
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