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am 27. November 2011
I must admit that this book made me think as much about my own economic "knowledge" and behaviour as it made me think about the "free" market. It's all in there: microeconomics, business economics and a lot of macroeconomics carefully woven to an idea of what went wrong the last 20 years. This book debunked a lot of truths I saw as given and even as a scientific fact up to today. The reasoning is very simple, albeit it MAY seem a bit unscientific at times, as this book is intended for laymen first. Also, I am not a fan of oversimplistic metaphors, but they illustrate the author's opinion well enough. On the other hand Chang manages to append extremely interesting scientific articles underlying his observations; articles, I will definately read in the next few weeks. The structure of this book also captures readers with a more ideological approach by defining the commong types of economic viewpoints and offering the most relevant chapters in return, in order to be more persuasive. All in all a very interesting book for both laymen and professionals. I will keep an eye out for more Ha-Joon Chang.
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