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am 14. Juli 2014
I recently stumbled across the work of Joey Lott - and I have to say: it makes so much sense. Its the kind of fresh, uncluttered, jargon-free, guru-less "spiritual" view I have been looking for since long, I guess. And this makes no exception.

If you want to get to the heart of peace, then read it. It's simple. Almost too simple. Joey's message summarized in his own words: "Peace was never absent." Or maybe: "Peace is the absence of any interpretation or any ascription of meaning or value."

But as with all truths it's difficult to fully understand/digest them in such abstractness. So Joey bolsters them up with "explanations" and looking at them from different perspectives.

It summary: It's a great book. A quick read - but takes time to live by. 4 instead of 5 stars, however, for some lack of "guidance". Although Joey is asking the reader several times to let go of this or that, I found it difficult to achieve the "target state" he's describing. Relaxation in any way is hard to reach starting from some kind of imperative. It's like trying to see in the dark: as long as you stare at something you won't see it, but look "around it", look to the side, then you might get a glimpse of it, even discern a shape.
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am 15. Juli 2014
There is a paradox in meditation and spirituality in generall: you are advised to "look within and find the peace that already is". Whenever people like me do this, they usually find a lot of things but not necessarily this nice feeling of peace that everyone wants. Why is that so and is there anything you can do about it? Joey Lott talks about this issues with great clarity and insight.
Whoever has run into this infamous spiritual trap called "peace" should consider to read this book. He (or she) might very well discover that peace is not what you think, but simply what is.
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am 2. August 2015
This is the best book I've read about this topic so far. Simple and clear.
Highly recommended for everyone, not only for nondual students.
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