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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 18. Juli 2014
Nichts für Serienunkundige.
Dragos wird bei einem Unfall verletzt, verliert sein Gedächtnis und flieht. Was Pia anstellen muss, um ihren Lebensgefährten zurück zu bekommen, schildert dieser Kurzroman. Für alle Peanut-Fans: Dieser hat ebenfalls kurze, recht überraschende Auftritte.
Eigentlich recycelt Harrison den ersten Band ihrer Reihe, allerdings recht kurzweilig, so dass ich micht beschweren möchte. War mich ein Lese-Vergnügen!
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am 9. August 2014
Note: this is a novella from the "Elder Races" series, so is the most fun to read the book as part of the series and not as a standalone. Especially since the world, the wyr and especially all the characters concerned are introduced there. So if you are new to the Elder Races, I recommend to start with "Dragon Bound".


Coming to understand that they have to leave their NY City skyscraper for the sake of their rapidly developing son Liam [aka peanut], Pia and Dragos are moving upstate New York. While the new compound gets additional buildings, a tragic accident happens that leaves Dragos without memories. Any memories.

So it's up to Pia to find a way to get her mate back and not end up dead while doing so. And she and the dragon have their first encounter once again, when she tries anything in her power to make him remember her.


That was a wonderfully written novella about Pia and Dragos! They are my preferred couple in the "Elder Races" series, so I loved coming back to them and especially seeing them in that taxing situation. It totally is Pia's moment to show what she is made of and boy is she fabulous.

But let's not forget the dragon: cranky, distrustful Dragos is even better to read about. His thoughts on Pia and himself are alternately hilarious and wretched. This whole story is not about action or events, but wholly about Pia and Drago's relationship and what makes it so strong and unique. Consequently, there aren't many other characters on display, but strangely, it did not miss them at all [although the peanut is quite cute to read about].

So, if you like the Cuelebres, this novella is for you, Pia and Dragos and their relationship truly shine here.
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am 26. Januar 2015
I loved it. It was a really touching short story. And it showed us a new side of Dragos. One more time I was reminded why Dragos and Pia are one of my favorite couples.
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