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4,2 von 5 Sternen

am 19. März 2016
This is an ok book. I went for it because I like stories set in the world of music, and I also enjoy the bodyguard set-up. So far, so good, But something about Jake and Sawyer simply didn't feel right.
I thought Jake was far too sexually aggressive when he met Sawyer again. TEN years passed, and lots of things can happen during a stretch of time that long. People can change. Their attitudes can change. But for some reason Jake ignores all that to 'take what he wants'.
The two men hardly have had a decent conversation before Jake has his hand down Sawyer's pants. And he doesn't listen to Sawyer saying 'no' because 'he knows better'? Must say that didn't work for me. Even if Sawyer does enjoy the attention, Jake should have respected Sawyer's wishes and gained his trust before he made any further sexual advances. Jake's justifies his actions with the argument that he loved Sawyer for ten years which seems to give him the automatic right to have what he wants? I don't think so. Jake appears single-minded and ruthless, more or less steam-rollering Sawyer into admitting he's gay. I would have liked to see Jake wooing Sawyer, making him fall in love, making him admit who he is BEFORE all the sex happened.
The speed of their developing relationship takes my breath away. Sawyer doesn't even want to admit to himself out loud he is gay one day, but then goes all the way with Jake only a few days after that? He may have been ready to accept himself, but this is VERY ready indeed.
I am not saying I didn't enjoy this, but it pains me to admit that I couldn't quite connect to either of the two MCs.
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am 8. März 2015
Das Rockstar-Thema in Verbindung mit der Gay-Romance und den selbstverständlich durchgehend super-athletischen, gutaussehenden Figuren klingt zunächst sehr seicht. Durch den flüssigen Erzählstil und der gut durchdachten Einführung wird der Leser von Anfang an aber an die Hand genommen! Die Charaktere entwickeln sich glaubwürdig, die Spannung bleibt durchweg fühlbar und die Erotik lässt keine Wünsche offen. Wenn es ginge, würde ich einen halben Stern dafür abziehen, dass eine der beiden Hauptfiguren ein etwas unerklärt-großes Selbstbewusstsein hat und die Leidenschaft für die Musik und das ganze Thema eher außen vor bleiben. Aber da der "Rest" des Romans so mitreißend ist und bis zum Schluss bleibt, gibts fünf Sterne.

Fazit: Nicht perfekt, aber nahe dran, deshalb solide 4,5 Sterne und eine Kaufempfehlung für alle Anhänger des Genres.
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am 17. August 2017
A wonderful piece of art. Emotional and fullfilling in any way
I would recommend it to anyone who loves romance, a little angst and overall a wonderfull book
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am 14. Juni 2014
Although I read and loved everything Nicola Haken has ever written, I was hesitant to read "Being Sawyer Knight". I thought I couldn't relate because I am a woman and straight. I was convinced a love story about two men wouldn't reach me or touch my heart. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. This story and the emotions it evokes, prove that love is love - regardless of gender. It is just as touching, complicated, sweet, sexy and scary as a romance about a woman and a man. Love is universal. The emotions, feelings, thoughts and the heartache don't make a difference.

I am so glad I gave this book a chance because once I did, I could not put it down. Nicola's straight-forward and captivating writing style had me glued to my Kindle. I fell in love with the characters and the story in an instant.

One of those characters being Sawyer Knight, a bad boy rockstar who has enough notches on his bedpost to make it collapse but who so far was living a lie. Never being honest to himself or others, he hides what he fears will bring him judgement and will make him lose all he worked hard for as well as people that he loves. So not even his band members and close friends know the truth - and how could they as he does not even admit it to himself.
Living all his life in a closet, has taken its toll on him and not being able to be who he really is, he can't ever really feel happy.

But it gets hard to ignore his real self when confronted with his new chief of security, Jake.
Jake is Sawyer's former best friend. Ten years ago, he tried to show Sawyer his feelings, which backfired badly - leading to the friendship broken and in pieces as Sawyer could not handle Jake's advances. In all that time Jake has not forgotten the man he loved and still loves, so he is dead set on winning Sawyer's heart this time. Well, he is in for quite a battle as Sawyer has locked the closet he is in and threw away the key. But Jake is not one to give up. Coming across as pushy at times, he instinctively feels that it is exactly what Sawyer needs. Knowing him better than he knows himself, he reads him like a book and knows when to push and when to take a step back.
It was beautiful and emotional to see how slowly Sawyer allowed himself to feel what has been inside of him all along and step by step gives away his heart to Jake. But it seems that he isn't capable of standing up for who he is and admitting it to others, risking to hurt and lose Jake in the process.
Good thing fate does not give a damn about his plans and when things get tragic and dangerous and he faces the possible loss of the one man he ever loved, will he be able to be there for Jake regardless of the repercussions?

I truly enjoyed the story and the sexual tension and sex between Jake and Sawyer were sizzling hot. It was sensual, erotic and panty-melting.
But besides the romance and the erotica aspects, Nicola Haken perfectly managed to bring across the fears and insecurities someone has about their coming out. Unfortunately, we live in a ingorant society and there are many people that will condemn the love between two people just because they are the same gender. Not only can there be repercussions to a career or business but also to personal relationships. And there must be nothing more heart-breaking than having people you love turn away from you because of who you are and because of who you love. With Sawyer's character, Nicola has made those problems and challenges come to life and broke my heart in the process. I wanted to take Sawyer in my arms and let him know he can be who he is.

If you want your heart broken and then put back together, if you want to swoon and have your panties melt, if you want to fall in love with Jake and Sawyer as well as their friends, do yourself the favor and read this book.

5+ educational, heart-breaking, thought-evoking, comfort-zone widening stars.
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am 29. Juni 2014
One word to describe BEING SAWYER KNIGHT? Freakin’ AMAZING!!!
I loved this book! Loved the story, loved the characters, loved the sizzling chemistry between Sawyer and Jake… This book captivated me from the very beginning – just… Wow!
This was not my first M/M romance, but definitely one of the very top ones and a refreshing asset to this genre altogether!

As the lead singer of one of the most popular rock bands of the last years, Sawyer Knight has it all: Fame, glory, talent, money and another woman to warm his bed every night. But why then is he still feeling so lonely?

To make matters worse, his former childhood best friend, Jake, who left to Australia ten years ago, becomes the band’s new head of security.
Their last goodbye hasn’t been an easy one, because Jake revealed his true feelings toward Sawyer back then – feelings that by far exceed friendship. Then as now Sawyer doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, because he simply cannot be gay, can he?
But Jake is no one to easily give up and he vowed to himself that this time he won’t let Sawyer go again. Will he be able to break down Sawyer’s huge walls and reveal his true personality?

Jake is such a strong and confident character. He knows what he wants and he will find a way to get it, no matter how high the barriers might be. He is determined to reveal the true Sawyer Knight to the world, who has nothing in common with his self-content and cocky on-stage persona.
The real Sawyer is vulnerable, confused about his sexuality and frightened by his feelings for Jake. What would his fans, family and friends say if they found out? Would he be rejected?
Fear and shame make him fight his feelings and Jake for a long time, only thanks to Jake’s unconditional love and trust in him he slowly begins to change and to accept who he is.

BEING SAWYER KNIGHT is a beautiful journey of self-discovery, it is highly emotional, pure and raw, flavored with a pinch suspense and – oh my God! – a full bucket of steamy, panty-soaking hotness!

I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves M/M romance – but even if you haven’t read any book of this genre, I’d recommend it as well, as a story full of love, friendship and self-realization.

I cannot wait for the second book!! Although I find it a harsh task for Nicola Haken to top this one! :)
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am 4. Mai 2016
Sawyer's conflicts and issues, if deeply ingrained and painful for him, were mostly homemade and thus not all that hard to overcome by a would-be swain with tons of attitude. At times, it read disturbingly close to some romanticized stalker story where the victim turns out an ultimately willing participant in the stalker's machinations. In regard to this, some of the things Jake said to Sawyer made me cringe with discomfort. Add to that the rather far-fetched and yet all-too transparent ACTUAL stalker-death-threat-subplot and this book just didn't quite do it for me, despite its fine writing and despite the otherwise very likable, well drawn characters.
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