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am 29. Mai 2014
I don't even know where to start. This book has kept my thoughts and emotions frazzled even days after finishing it. There were so many feelings floating through me while reading “Overwhelmed By You” and it is hard to put all of it into words.
But I can start by saying that it has been devastatingly amazing. Second in the series “Torn Asunder” by Nashoda Rose, it is a thoughtful, sweet, sexy, shocking, suspenseful, dramatic and somewhat dark story. Though a different dark than “Torn From You”, it was dark enough to take my breath away. What I especially loved, was that although through most of the book the darkness was lurking, it wasn't until the last third of it that it truly emerged and shocked me to the core.
The way the suspense was built, I was nearly obsessed with finding out the secrets that both Kat and Ream were hiding. I couldn't stop reading and did not leave my seat on the sofa until I finished the book – this led to a numb behind, bitten fingernails, torn out hair and after I finished to lost sleep because I couldn't get the characters and their story out of my head. It is a story of courage and forgiveness, a story of loss and betrayal, of love and hate, obsession and pain, desire and fear.

A story of two people that are meant for each other but are being kept apart by the secrets they hide and the fears they have. Those two, Kat and Ream, have shared a friendship and a weekend of wild sex. But things went south, when Ream found out Kat's secret and ran like a bat from hell. As things tend to go, instead of having a grown-up conversation, hurt feelings make them do things that let the situation spiral out of control, where both of them end up hurting each other even more.

Kat, being proud and stubborn as a mule, isn't one to easily forgive and forget. Second chances don't exist in her world, so even when Ream starts trying to make amends, she's not having any of it. Scared of being weak and vulnerable, she doesn't accept help and is fiercely protective of her independence. She has the mouth of a sailor and isn't scared to use it. And she is definitely stronger than she thinks.
The secret she carries often feels like the Sword of Damocles above her head, putting her future in jeopardy. Her fear of weakness doesn't allow her to let anyone in – not even her closest friends.
That is until Ream barges his way into her life and heart, not taking no for an answer.
But once his secrets come to light and his past threatens to destroy everything, will she prevail or will it break her heart irrevocably? Will she see the truth and fight for what she knows is hers, finding the strength within her to face any hardship thrown in her way?

Ream on the other hand is intense, brooding and sometimes a little scary. Having lost the only person he ever loved, he has a hard time allowing himself to love. That is until Kat – the only woman, the only person that manages to keep the demons of his past at bay. Demons that can destroy and break and threaten to only leave an empty shell behind. Demons that he managed to escape, not breaking but becoming stronger. Realizing he can't let go of Kat despite her secret, he becomes hell-bent on winning her back and does so with a hefty dose of cockiness, sexual innuendos and stubbornness, knowing better what Kat needs than she does herself. He can be over-protective and possessive and he doesn't care whether it's too much. He isn't willing to risk losing another person he loves.
As his past threatens to destroy everything he has, he won't stop at sacrificing himself to protect the person he loves.
Not feeling worthy of anyone's love, will he learn that he deserves to be with the woman that completes him? Will he fight not only for her safety, but for his own happiness?

When things come to a showdown, you'll start hyper-ventilating and will be whip-lashed by all the secrets that get revealed. And you'll find out if true love can conquer the past and destroy the demons that haunt the present and threaten the future.

All that coupled with hot, steamy sex, wonderful supporting characters (I adore the hell out of Crisis) and a dose of education and awareness about important issues and you have an absolutely amazing read.

5+ sleep-deprived, grey-haired, but ecstatic stars.
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am 29. Mai 2014
First to say that I loved With you & Torn from you. It's my bestie for 2014. I loved Kat and Ream and couldn't wait to read their own story.

Maybe my expectations where to high... I'm stuck in the middle of the book and I am hoping since page 1 that it will get any different but it doesn't.
I am not able to finish it because I can't find any similarities between Kat & Ream in Torn from you and Kat & Ream in Overwhelmed by you. The whole plot doesn't make any sense to me, the characteristics and behavior I loved and expected from them can't be found anywhere.

First of all I can't find the "friendship" they're always talking about. What does it make so special? I can't feel it. Also one night of sex after 2 weeks of "friendship" and everything changes for Ream. Still he comes to the party with another girl, disappears for 8 months, comes back and SUDDENLY (without contacting Kat for 8 months) states that everything was a misunderstanding, she is everything for him... bla bla bla...

I love stories where I can feel the emotions and the tension between the protagonists but here I didn't feel anything but doubts. Sorry Nashoda, 1 star is still to much for this one...

I'm so disappointed for waiting for months for the story and now not liking it at all.
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am 16. Juli 2014
Im zweiten Teil der Serie, der zum zweiten Drittel eigentlich erst richtig spannend wird, kann man sich vorstellen, was Emily hätte passieren können, wenn Logan sie nicht befreit hätte. In meinen Augen ist das viel schlimmer, als das worüber sich so viele wg. Emily aufregen. Die Geschichte beginnt etwas mau, wird dann aber schön verwinkelt und (im positiven Sinne) ein bißchen durcheinander. Ream hat ein wirklich sch*** Vergangenheit, rückt damit aber nicht raus (sonst wäre die Geschichte vermutlich nach 50 Seiten fertig). Hut ab vor diesem Charakter, durch die Autorin sehr schön beschrieben, wie sich jemand fühlt, der so eine Vergangenheit hat.
Ja, so richtig realistisch erscheint das eine oder andere dem modernen und aufgeklärten Menschen von heute nicht. Als Leser sagt sich leicht "wieso forscht der da nicht nach, wieso schleppt der sowas jahrelang auf seiner Seele" und wie leicht da am Ende die Leichen rollen, ... Nun ja, das ist vermutlich so, wenn man ein nicht reales Buch liest und tut der herzzerreißenden Spannung mM keinen Abbruch ;-) Vampire gibt es auch nicht und trotzdem stehen alle auf Twilight ;-)
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am 27. Januar 2017
I will refer to the whole series ....It is absolutly great. Dark, frightening and sometimes unbelievable, but also sweet, carnal and very protective !
An absolut Alpha male story and the dark circles he is unwillingly put through and therefore also his better half of his heart.
If you are not up to reading very violent situations, unbelievable treatments of women...then do not read this book.
Its very dark at times and I had to swallow a lot ...disturbing as the scenes unfolded, but the story found its equilibrium and so does the
light of the characters.
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am 5. Juni 2014
Schlechte Bücher sind in der Regel deshalb schlecht, weil sie schlecht geschrieben sind. Dieses Buch ist grundsätzlich gut geschrieben aber dennoch grottenschlecht.
Okay, Romances spiegeln nicht die wirkliche Welt wieder und das ist auch gut so. Aber die Story von Kat und Ream ist soweit entfernt von jeglicher Realität, wenn Frau Rose noch ein paar Aliens mit reingebracht hätte, wäre wahrscheinlich keinem wirklich aufgefallen.
Es gibt wenige Dramen dieser Welt, die sie nicht in dieses Buch verpackt hat. Vor allem gegen Ende, als ich dachte es kann nicht mehr schlimmer werden, es wurde schlimmer. (Reams Schwester...)
Noch dazu habe auch ich die angebliche Freundschaft der Beiden ebenfalls nicht entdecken können. Okay, wenn man richtig gute Freunde ist, nur weil man mal zusammen ein Zimmer gestrichen hat...
Über dieses Buch kann man nur sagen: Geld und Zeit sparen, bessere Buecher lesen!
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