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3,7 von 5 Sternen
3,7 von 5 Sternen
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
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Ein Psycho lässt 13 Frauen entführen, setzt sie unter Drogen, um sie des Gedächtnisses zu berauben, lässt sie immer wieder brutal verprügeln und in einem unterirdischen, lichtlosen Gefängnis einsperren, wo sie ihm dienen müssen. Eine von ihnen springt aus Verzweiflung vom Dach des Hauses.
Überraschung: Kaum befreit, kehren die restlichen 12 voller Dankbarkeit zu ihm zurück. Aber hallo! Das ist gequirlter Schrott. Da macht auch die heftigste Fantasie bei mir nicht mehr mit.
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am 13. Mai 2014
Nicht nur, dass die Story total unglaubwürdig ist, was an sich nicht automatisch schlecht ist, wenn es logisch erklärt wird, viel schlimmer finde ich, dass beim Lesen keine Gefühle aufkommen. Weder Mitgefühl für die Gefangenen, noch Antipathie für den Entführer, nur ab und an Verwunderung über den Verlauf der Geschichte.

Erinnert mich von der Idee an "Tears of Tess", aber die Umsetzung ist leider nicht gelungen.
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am 5. Januar 2015
Es ist eine sehr spannende Geschichte, bei der man selber nicht immer weiss, was man davon halten soll. Soll man mit den jungen Frauen Mitleid haben oder nicht? Warum benimmt sich der "Herr" so komisch und tut was er tut? Das alles seinen Sinn hat müssen die Mädchen wie der Leser erst über längere Zeit herausfinden.
Ob man es gutheisst oder nicht muss jeder für sich selber entscheiden.
Über alles empfehlenswert zu lesen.
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am 8. Juli 2014
I have to admit that the book sounded intriguing, and in a way it was. I was just extremely unhappy with the style it's written in because it sounded so much like Belle Aurora that I kept wondering if these two names might apply to the same author. The jury is still out on this one.
Anyway, the story clearly had its merrits and was something else. I just couldn't follow the logic of some of the characters. Things didn't always make sense in the probable/possible/plausible way. I like my books to make sense. This one didn't. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely open minded about contents of books, they just have to be a logical unit. This one wasn't. Not everything in the story added up. It's certainly an interesting book, but nothing to write home about really.
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Again a book I finished the same day I start reading. The story is very different from her other books but hooks you in from the very first page. I couldn't stop until the last page was done.
Since I started with Enslaved by the ocean back in January I have read all of Bella's books and love them. This one tells the story of 13 poor girls that have lived through hell and worther stuff. They are all saved by somebody who has a difficult past by his own. By trying to cure the damaged souls of the girls he is curing himself.
In the end they all stood to him but that's very unexpectable during 3/4 of the book.

As Bella said it's a dark novel that contains a lot of brutal stuff in the beginning but also love and a bit sex. But no BDSM! Compaired to her other books I would call it a dark romance. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading it and give it a 5 stars review!
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am 30. April 2014
MINDBLOWING IN THE BEST WAY!!!!! STUNNING! AWESOME! Totally different! Not for the light-hearted people - so be warned!
My heart, my feelings, my stomach...all was in knots right from the beginning!!!! This is so intense and raw and deep and it gets a little hot as well. Rollercoaster ride!
I started reading it and couldn't stop! I was completely drawn into this story about trust, breaking and grow again, love, companionship, standing up.
It will all make sense, promised. And you would miss something badly if you don't finish reading this one.
All in all, no words can describe this - you have to read for yourself!
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am 13. Juni 2014
... aber an der Umsetzung hapert es ein wenig. Trotzdem spannend ,wenn auch manchmal unlogisch. Die Hauptperson findet den Entführer gleich faszinierend und will Sex mit ihn... aha ... so geht das... einfach mal mit nem Haufen anderer entführt werden aber der Entführer soll einen entjungfern ... nicht glaubwürdig. Ich werde nicht spoilern aber auch das Ende ist wirklich an den Haaren herbei gezogen. Kann man lesen, muss man aber nicht
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am 11. April 2014
I am a total Bella Jewel fangirl but I was a bit worried if I would like this book as it was different from the rest of her writing and topic-wise slightly out of my comfort zone. But damn, as always Bella Jewel didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t put this book down. It was different, original, captivating and intense. I absolutely loved the story and the characters, surprisingly all the characters.

The book starts with a scene that made my stomach turn, my heart bleed and the tears run free. And the emotions keep running wild as the story moves into the present.

Thirteen girls wake up in a basement realizing they are being held captive by a man – a man whom they do not get to see. They work for him – clean, cook, wash. When they behave they are treated well. But when they break rules, they get punish. And the punishment is not standing in the corner or no TV that night. No, the punishment is painful and heart-wrenching, yes, downright brutal. What made it easier to handle and what I really appreciated is that Bella Jewel doesn’t go into too much detail when describing the punishment. Without that, I doubt I could have continued reading.

The girls, all thrown together in this difficult and horrific situation are trying to come to terms with their new life, figuring out who they really are and what they are supposed to do. On one hand they feel the need to stick together and be there for each other, on the other hand they aren’t sure how to do that and whom to trust.

The one that seems to be able to keep a cool head in this situation is Number Thirteen. She stays rational and logical when others lose their wits and she is hell-bent on finding a way out. She does not accept the situation as her future and she isn’t scared of speaking and standing up to the men that watch over the girls or to the Master himself. But things start to change the more she gets to know the master and the more she starts to look behind his mask of detachment and coldness. Soon she realizes there is more to him and there is more to the reasons why he keeps the girls captive. And with each word and each touch that passes between them, she starts falling more and more for him. Could the one that she thought was going to destroy her, be the one to save her? Her character was extremely strong and resilient. The things she endured not only in the Masters house but throughout her life and the outlook she still kept on life were extra-ordinary. Number Thirteen is a girl that has so much love for everyone and by nature does the right thing.

As to the Master….it would have been so easy to hate him and do not get me wrong, there were a lot moments when I did. The punishments he had his men carry out were brutal and heart-wrenching and totally unnecessary. He wanted to achieve the right thing but went about it the wrong way. I think I would have had a harder time liking him if he would not have realized himself that the way he tried to teach the girls was the wrong way to go. But he did and while he made mistakes, he also did a lot of good things for the girls, giving them the things they never had in their life: trust, care, safety and a home.
With time the girls started to see him less as a monster and more as a savior and while maybe hard to understand for me as a reader at times, the girls all had a rough past that would explain them looking at things differently that I might do from the safety and comfort of my home and family life. And while the girls started to find themselves more and more attached to the Master, he himself slowly allowed himself to feel as well – realizing that the girls might be saving him in return as well. One of them in particular – Number Thirteen.

Their relationship as well as the relationship between the girls are really interesting to witness especially in the extraordinary situation they are in and with the difficult pasts all characters had. Bella Jewel did an amazing job getting into the psyche of the girls as well as the Master. The book kept my heart hostage throughout and the ending, though some might say not realistic, was beautiful and warmed my heart. And when thinking about the special situation the girls were in, I do not think normal rules to what is realistic or not apply.

The book is definitely worth reading if you want to experience something different that will mess with your head and your heart in equal measures.

5 messing-with-your-heart-and-mind stars.
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am 10. April 2014
What a book! After reading the synopsis I knew the story would hook me from the very beginning – and boy it did! I didn’t want to put it down for a second. Although the blurb already said it is not a BDSM romance this book was nowhere near what I would have expected. The first half is dark and twisted and had me always second-guessing what might happen next – the other half is just plain beautiful and deeply moving. It is that kind of story that stays with you long after you finished reading.

Thirteen girls wake up disoriented and helpless in an unfamiliar environment. All of them have a number between one to thirteen tattooed onto their wrists. Terrified, they have tons of questions:
Where are they?
Who are these other girls?
What happened to them?
What will happen to them now?

As if it is not worse enough that they know nothing about their current situation – they also have no memory at all about their past lives – hell, they cannot even remember their own names!

Soon they learn that they all are held captive by one mysterious Master who they have never seen and that their lives will be at his mercy, full of servitude and – if they don't obey – pain. Their Master

How will they cope with all this? Are they going to fight to get back their rights – their stolen lives – no matter what the consequences might be? Or would it be better to just give up in order to satisfy the Master?

Thirteen is a meaningful number for William. It is the number he associates with the most important lesson life taught him – the number that has formed him to the man he is today – a monster.

Now it is his turn to teach these thirteen girls a lesson. All of these girls are chosen for a reason, because all of them are destroyed and broken in some way or another. They have to learn to trust William, to believe that everything he does serves a purpose; that they have to follow his rules or get punished if they don’t, to learn that these rules are necessary to protect them.
But also William has to learn: He needs to believe that not everyone judges him based on the incidence that connects him to the number thirteen, that not everyone thinks of him as a monster.

The book’s POV alternates between William’s and Number Thirteen’s. It helps to understand William on one hand and on the other you witness how Number Thirteen copes with this whole situation and how she discovers her past anew. …but most of all you experience the two of them developing feelings for each other, no matter the messed-up situation they are in. It is a unique and precious love unlike any other I have read about.

Oh, William! After reading the prologue I was on his team immediately! My heart broke for him… several times. It made me trust him from the very beginning. I believed that he meant the girls no harm, no matter his suspect and arguable orders. I also think his hiding in the beginning served two purpose: Encouraging the girls to fear him even more but hiding his monster from them at once.

I am absolutely digging this story! It is about survival, courage and bravery, fear and sadness, hope and faith and, most importantly, it is about trust and love. This story hit me deep in my core and I know it will stay for me for a long time. It is a book that is definitely worth a re-read!

There is only one question that was never answered and that still bothers me: What really happened to Number Six??? I don’t think it is what all the girls are suspecting… but I’ll leave it at that, as I don’t want to spoil it. I just needed to get it out because it still keeps preying on my mind!!

This is only the first book by Bella Jewel I’ve read, but I already count her to my favorites. It is such a breathtaking story! I’d really love a sequel of maybe Number Twelve’s and Ben’s story!!

But for now, I cannot wait to start Enslaved by the Ocean very, very soon!

NUMBER THIRTEEN is certainly one of my top reads in 2014!
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am 20. März 2014
Eine etwas andere Geschichte,nicht desto trotz gut ;-) Hätte für mich gefühlsmäßig etwas tiefer gehen können....Das Ein oder Andere war etwas oberflächlich behandelt.....aber über Geschmack läßt es sich ja bekanntlich streiten.
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