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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen

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Samantha and Mason are together now but the drama still continues. The family is messed up: Her biologial dad Garrett wants to get to know her and moves a few houses down from the Kade's but he is never there to actually spending time with her. He is still married to his wife but sees Logan's and Mason's mother Helen. Helen thinks Sam is beneath Mason and he could do better. Then there is her dad David, the one who raised her and he is divorcing her mother now and got himself a new girlfriend. To make things awkward, it's the mother of one of her Elite friends. Then there is her mother who still makes life hard for Sam. She is not happy about the relationship with Mason but is more consumed with planning her next wedding than caring how her actions might cause harm to her daughter. Life at school sucks - the Elite is still pretending to be her friend but the girls hate Sam's guts. This time she has to cover her back against two fronts because the girls from the public school aren't too happy about her being with Mason either. Talk about complicated..

A friend recommended this alternative version of book 2. She loved the first book and was not satisfied how things went on in the second book. She told me she never finished it because she found the developments very strange. When Tijan decided to publish an alternative version, she read this instead and told me to do the same because in her opinion it was much better. So I skipped "Fallen Crest Family" but I might give it a try later on because I'm curious to compare the two versions.

I really like Sam but I was not happy with some of her decisions. For one, I never liked Adam and it was clear he has his own agenda and is - as Mason put it - not a nice boy. Becky still annoyed me and it made me really angry that she never grew a backbone and told Adam to go to hell. I liked this Rex guy she met and dated. To break up with him just because of Adam even though she realized long ago that Adam will never love her back and just uses her, made me very angry. I really hope Adam gets what he deserves some time in the future! Sam is not into you, so back off!!!

Then there is this Elite group on Sam's school. It is so obvious that the girls hate her guts. I never got why she had them over for a party at Garrett's house? Especially after the fight with Cass and Amelia?!? Huh.. Peter seems like a lifeless puppet without any emotion, switching from Miranda to Cassandra and back again?! You got to be kidding me.. And Miranda - first an outcast, laughed at by her old friends but she still stuck to them and took whatever crumb they threw at her? The only one I really liked was Mark but in the end he seems to have no backbone either even though he might be Sam's future stepbrother. Nice! And don't let me begin with the Fab Four girls from Mason's high school. The cheap counterpart to the Academy Elite. I am really curious what happens in the next book when Sam transfers to Fallen Crest Public. I guess I have to prepare for more drama :-) Bring it on, Tijan! Love this series..
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am 12. November 2014
Auf Empfehlung einer sehr guten Freundin habe ich die Fallen Crest Reihe von Tijan angefangen zu lesen. Bd. 0.5 und Bd. 1 gefielen mir ausgesprochen gut.
Doch dann ging es los: Welche Version von Bd. 2 lese ich jetzt? Es gibt ja zwei "Fallen Crest Family" und Fallen Crest Alternative Version".

Nun schlussendlich habe ich beide Versionen gelesen und muss sagen, dass mir "Fallen Crest Family" besser gefallen hat als "Fallen Crest Alternative Version".

Ich kann nicht mal sagen woran es lag, aber hier wirkte alles irgendwie weicher, wenn ihr versteht worauf ich hinaus möchte. Keine Frage "FCAV" war auf seine Art und Weise gut, denn der Schreibstil war wieder wirklich gut und fesselte mich bis zum Ende. Auch das ein oder andere Tränchen musste ich mir verkneifen, dennoch reicht es nur für drei Sterne.

Hätte sich Tijan für eine Mischung aus Family und der Alterbative Version entschieden wäre es perfekt gewesen, so war es einfach nur gut.

Nichts desto trotz hat es mir sehr gut gefallen. Und ich gebe euch auch den Tipp: Lest beide Versionen und entscheidet dann was euch besser gefallen hat.
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am 16. März 2014
Klasse Alternative, absolut zu empfehlen, nicht nur für Fans . Lesen lesen lesen ....... War wirklich super ! Diese alternativ Version hat Spaß gemacht .
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am 27. Februar 2015
Für Fans der Serie ein muss. Das Buch geht in eine komplett andere Richtung als das Buch was veröffentlicht wurde.
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