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am 28. Februar 2014
To all my english-speaking friends and book-lovers - if you are looking for a fantastic and mystical book series that is very different from what you've read so far, go and fetch this one. Not the typical vampire stories – there are other mystical creatures out there that make this story so worth telling.

I simply love it!

The story robbed my heart from the very beginning...a sweet young American girl (17y) caught in the mysteries of love and Scottish myths! One surprise and secret hits the other. All set in the magical landscapes of Scotland. Emma is forced by destiny to move to the Isle of Skye and leave her past behind – but that past is going to get back at her in ways she have never thought of. She isn’t just the ordinary girl she always thought she’d be. There is more to her story than the eye can see and if it wasn’t for Calum (the magical love of her life) she’d probably drown in sorrows. He gives her sense and a reason to live after she thought she’d lost everything. They both save one another in this world in all ways possible. I have to agree with ‘Anja Vuksanovic-lambert‘ – „ a gem among stones“!

Marah Woolf is one incredible author! Her story is set in a truly beautiful place and her style of writing is the most detailed and perfect description I’ve ever known. I felt like I was right there on the Isle of Skye and being part of this adventure. Her stories are fascinating and inspiring! She is thoughtful, talented and sweet – and I thank her for the SilverMoonSaga.

--Jil Aimée
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am 27. November 2015
I may spoiler but I'll try not to!

Emma, the protagonist of this series, is a teenager, living in America with her mother, who suddenly dies in a car crash. Because of this circumstance Emma is moving to her uncle Ethan, who lives on an island in Scotland. Although she has gone through emotionally hard times, she starts to feel comfortable in the house and the new environment. She gets to know Calum, whom she finds attractive and interesting on first sight. Calum is the male protagonist of the series and encircled by a supernatural aura. He doesn’t seem to care about Emma at all and doesn’t bother to let her know that. Still they have a lot of scenes in which they have to be in contact and work together. They fall in love, which is complicated (I won’t tell why!), and a back and forth between their relationship development starts.

SilverMoonSaga is about a love story that has to figure out how to manage love when there is more than the human race. You could equalize this topic with today’s world, in which some cultures only allow their folk to marry within their culture or religion.

Scotland really fits the mystical and fantastical world that Marah Woolf created. The fantasy elements start to develop during the first book until you are totally soaked in. Her style of writing is flowing and lively.

Because of the age of the protagonists the book basically aimed for teenager and young adults, but if you are a grown adult and love fantasy worlds, you will probably love that series as well.

I can’t wait to read more of her.
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am 11. Januar 2015
Obwohl ich sagen muss, dass ich die 3-teilige BookLess Saga der gleichen Autorin absolut empfehlen kann und sie förmlich verschlungen habe, war ich von diesem Buch enttäuscht. Ich habe es dennoch fertig gelesen, in der Hoffnung, dass sich meine Meinung noch ändern würde, was nicht der Fall war.
Der Text ist relativ oberflächlich verfasst, in die Charaktere kann man sich eher nicht hinein versetzen. Die Story ist erstaunlich flach und ähnelt den Twilight Büchern/Filmen inhaltlich sehr. Die Geschichte ist zwar an sich sehr interessant (es geht um Sagenfiguren/Märchen/Wassermänner) und darum habe ich mich umso mehr gefreut, ein Buch mit diesem Inhalt zu finden, aber die Erzählung war leider durch und durch enttäuschend. Die zwei weiteren Teile habe ich nicht gelesen.

Allerdings möchte ich noch einmal betonen, dass Personen, die ein wenig fantasievolle Geschichten mögen, die BookLess Saga sicherlich lieben werden.
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am 20. Oktober 2014
also ich bin nicht sonderlich begeistert und konnte mich bisher auch noch nicht dazu durchringen die anderen Teile zu kaufen. Ich wurde leider nicht so richtig warm mit den beiden Hauptdarstellern und erst recht nicht mit ihrer Liebesgeschichte. Die Story fand ich auch nicht sooo mitreißend, dass mich das über die fehlende Chemie der Liebesgeschichte hinweg hätte trösten können..schade
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