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4,6 von 5 Sternen

am 17. September 2014
Ein sehr interessanter Abriss, den ich jedem Jäger und vor allem Afrikajäger empfehlen kann. Es hätte (mir) geholfen, wenn das Buch einer inneren Ordnung gefolgt wäre, z.B. einer chronologischen oder der der Jäger. Die Kapitel sind jedoch nur sehr lose nach Jägern geordnet, teilweise mit historischen Begebenheiten zu jener Zeit, teilweise nicht, so dass es schwer fällt, die zeitlichen Gegebenheiten richtig einzuordnen.
Alles in allem aber ein Buch, dass mich zum Einstieg inspieriert hat, viele weitere zum Thema zu bestellen.
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am 22. Januar 2013
Brian Herne tells the story of a "golden age" that doesnt exist that way any more. His sometimes breathtaking and at the next moment hilarious writing keeps you spellbound to the last page. Being interested in history and having been there more than 30 years ago,that means knowing all the places in a somewhat "older way" than they are now, "White Hunters" is a must read. Five stars for the most fascinating book I bought recently !!
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am 1. März 2000
This book will add to an understanding of the now vanished world of colonial East Africa. For those who are viscerally anti-hunting, this will be a book that will probably not be considered, and that is a pity, because it is about more than hunting -- though there's plenty enough to satisfy fans of Capstick, Hunter, et al. Mr. Herne's homage to a special breed of men (and women), white and black, is well written and ideal for leisurely reading and rereading. It is brimming with anecdotes both amusing and hair-raising. I've given my copy away and am now ordering another. White Hunters is a worthwhile addition to the library of the sportsman or the person interested in colonial Africa, from the late 19th century to independence. Whether relating stories of such early white hunter legends as Selous, Cunninghame and Black, or the role played by white hunters in the oft-mismatched British campaigns against German-led guerilla operations in WWI, or the horrors faced by white settlers during the Mau Mau troubles of the '50s, these tales never bog down. One of my favorite hunters, by the way, was "Shagbag" Collins. On a parallel note, I would recommend, The Life of My Choice by Sir Wilfred Thesiger and Home from the Hill by Hilary Hook, though I'm not sure of the current availability of either of these books.
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am 19. Juli 1999
Herne paints an exciting and descriptive picture the African hunt. Perhaps the characters that populate this era are indeed the most interesting subjects.
Whether the stories are read in sequence or individually, Herne's narration will take you to the high plains for a hunt of your own.
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am 20. Januar 2000
Herne does a masterful job of encapsulating so much information, excitement and adventure into so small a space. Well researched, well written and well worth adding to a collection of African hunting or general Africana. Herne writes from personal recollection, personal experience and personal connection. The last line of his dissertation on Bill Judd is unforgettable. Sure wish I had a chance to sit around a hunting camp campfire with a sundowner and listen to Herne reminisce.
The editorial review by Svenya Soldovieri bleeds through with the reviewers distaste for hunting and lack of understanding of conservation. Makes me wonder why Soldovieri wanted to review the book in the first place.
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Brian Herne, a true member of the East African Hunting Community, is in the enviable position of being able to bring his readers an accurate, and in many cases a first-hand history of the Golden Age of Safari. If you are interested in African hunting, this book is a must for your library.
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am 5. September 2014
Ein Super Buch über die Jagd in Afrika mit vielen Spannenden Geschichten über die großen Alten White Hunters und ihr Leben.
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