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am 21. Juni 2016
By David Lange, Lisa Weyenberg and Anna Jahns (7.Klasse)

The book is about siblings: Heather and Alan Taylor from New Zealand who met Cathy Wilson, a spy from Australia. She wants to sent Mr. Rigby, her boss, a really bad man, into prison. Mr. Rigby paid forgery money to the bank. After that he got normal money. So he’ll be rich. But his plan didn’t work. Because of Heather, Alan and Cathy, they sent him to the prison. It is a very exciting book. You’ll have to read it!

By Kathlen Theelen and Maike Verfürth (7.Klasse)

The book "Tiger by the Tail" by Philip Hewitt , which was published by Klett is an adventure book. It's about a gang , which produces forgery banknotes , two New Zealanders and a big adventure.

Alan and Heather, two New Zealanders, meet Cathy , who gives them a briefcase with forgery banknotes. She says, that there are just papers for her boss in it. Alan and Heather take the briefcase to take it to Cathy’s boss, John Rigby, but they find out that there are forgeries in the briefcase. Rigby is the boss of a gang, which produce the forgeryies :-$ . Heather and Alan decide, that they won't give the money to Rigby. Heather wants to bring it to the police but Alan wants to deal with that himself. So Rigby wants to get the money from Alan and Heather. Rigby hunts them all around England to get the money but the same does the police with Rigby.

The book is very interesting but the end is too short and not realistic. We wish it to be more dramatic and exiting. We had to read some parts two times to understand the contend, but the rest is very nice and good to read. We would recommend the book and we think it's perfect for readers aged 13. :-)
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am 16. November 2009
Mein Sohn sollte im Englischunttericht (Kl.8 Gymnasium) ein englisches Buch lesen.
Für nicht 'Nichtviel' oder 'Ungern'-Leser denke ich ein optimales Buch kurz und gut zu verstehen.
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