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am 21. Juni 2016
By Julian Trausch and Jonah Aymanns (7.Klasse)

We think that the book is interesting and really exciting but actually we think that in some parts it seems to be too long.
What we like about the book is that the inspector has different suspects and each time we think we’ve actually found the right murder it is another person in the end. That’s why it is so exciting and it makes the book very special.
Furthermore one is able to understand the book and it is written in a very detailed way.

All in all it’s a good book to improve your English because there are many difficult words. If we could rate it we would give it 4.5 out of 5 possible stars.

By Christin Backhaus, Franka Verweyen, Jette Roosen and Jule Meier (7.Klasse)
The book 'Dead End for Murder' by Rosemary Hellyr-Jones and Peter Lampater is about an Inspector, who is new in the town and must solve a difficult case.
We like the book, because it is interesting and it has a surprising ending. Sometimes we don't understand the book, because there are too many characters, who talk. But we like the Inspector, because he's very clever and solves the case very fast. If the book didn’t have many characters, it would be easier to understand.
We don't understand Mrs. Townsend’s behavior. She isn't sad although her husband is dead. We don't like her, because she wants to marry Mr. Reynolds.
Overall we like the book, even if there are some strange passages.

By Lars Niemeier and Lukas Albers
The authors of the book “Dead End for Murder” are Rosemary Hellyer-Jones and Peter Lampater.
The publishing company is Klett. The book was published in the year 1976. The book is a classic crime for kids at school and it is about a man, who is murdered and Inspector Chapman who investigates the death. After many suspects, Inspector Chapman finds the real culprits at the end of the book, Dr. Sutton and his wife. The theme is interesting, because at the beginning you don't know the culprits. We like the book, because it is mysterious with many suspects and witnesses. We like everything and we recommend the book, of course.

By Katharina Bleser, Antonia Hoffmann and Hannah Simon (7.Klasse)
Our book is named ‘Dead End for Murder’ and was written by Hellyer-Jones/ Lampater. It was published in 1975 by ‘KlettVerlag’.
The novel is a crime story for teenagers. It’s about a murder and consequently a dead person, who was found in the streets. Inspector Chapman looks for the murderer and first he has a few other suspects. But at the end he finds out, who killed Colonel Townsend.
Colonel Townsend was hit from behind. In the morning after that, a postman finds him laying on the street. Everybody is surprised about this. Now Inspector Chapman and his colleague Constable Davis investigate. After they know, who the murderer is, this one commits suicide.
The theme of the novel is very interesting and suitable for our age because it’s important to know about this whole ‘murder-theme’. Directly this book shows that in an interesting way. It’s full of surprises by the end. Especially the ending of the book is great because it is not a boring and usual ending like the most are.
If there will be a second part of ‘Dead End for Murder’, we would definitely read it, too, because generally the book is interesting. We like the beginning and ending of the book. The beginning is very mysterious and the ending was very different than we expected, but that was pretty good. Another thing we like are the Comprehension Questions. These are questions about each chapter where you can test your knowledge. We think this is a good idea because the students read the novel more exactly. We don’t like the middle part because it was a little bit boring and usual. Anyhow, we can recommend the novel. You can learn a lot of new words and things from it. If you read the book, you will know everything about murders and about crimes.

By Amèlie Janßen and Annika Haas (7.Klasse)

The book "Dead end for murder" was written by Rosmary Hellyer-Jones and Peter Lampater,in the year 1976. This book is a crime book and has 59 pages.
In a little town an old man was murdered. A new Inspector has to finish his work, he wants to find the murderer. He asks many people about the death, but only gets a little bit of information. One day he finds a letter in the Townsends’ house. The woman who wrote the letter, was murdered at the same day as Colonel Townsend, but two years ago, maybe by the same murderer. The woman Mrs. Weeks, who wrote the letter, was very rich. That's the reason, why the poor man Dr. Sutton murdered her. He also murdered Colonel Townsend, that's why Inspector Chapman wants to bring him into jail. But before he can do that, Dr. Sutton and his wife commit suicide.

We think the book is very interesting and thrilling, that's why we can recommend the book. Every child can read the book.
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am 13. Mai 2012
Leicht lesbar (orientiert sich an Stufe A2 des europäischen Referenzrahmens), nicht zu lang, spannend bis zum Schluss - eine super Schülerlektüre.
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am 7. Dezember 2008
Der preis ist einfach total überteuert! Als ich das "Buch" gesehen hab, hab ich mich total geärgert, es ist ein totaler Witz dafür soviel Geld zu verlangen, das kann der Inhalt auch nicht rausreißen. Wer das Heft, denn das ist es, nicht für die Schule braucht, sollte sich mit dem Geld echt ein anderes Buch kaufen!
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am 10. August 2001
Ich habe das Buch in der Schule durch genommen und fande es ganz gut erst ist ein Mann namens Colonel Townsend gestorben und ein Inspector Chapman muss heraus finden wer Colonel Townsend getötet hat. Er kommt auf ganz verückte dinge. Man kann es so nennen das er im teufelskreis ist. Weil erst findet er sachen die er durchsuchen muss die aber vielleicht nicht stimmen und dann findet er neue sachen wo die anderen Sachen wieder nicht dazu passen. Also ich sag erst mal nichts darüber weil es ein sehr gutes Buch ist und ihr sollt es einfach mal selber lesen !!!
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