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am 28. Februar 2014
I've read many negative reviews about the book being inspired by the Undeniable Series by Madeline Sheehan.
I know this before buying the book, but as I have not read the book by Mrs. Sheehan, I thoaught that I can read this one if I feel like and I felt like it.

The story: Axel is the president of a motorcycle club. Meadow is a sweet Young girl who saw her father die by the hands of the only boy she liked. A boy who has become a man: Axel. Her fathers last wish is that she brings a USB stick to the police, since then she is running to save it... running from Axel.
After months which turn in over a year and when he catches her things are not as simple. He wants her, she desires him, but his needs are dark and sick. Her life at his side is not easy and for most of the book she is not really "at his side".

The story is powerful and dark as Axel is. Meadow is strong and sweet. All characters are great, they are believable and strong. I liked them.
Alex is an Alpha, one of the best.
The story is dense, not always a light read, but it keeps you reading.

My only problem is that I did not really get affected emotionnaly by the book, probably beacuase it was too much. I read and enjoed te story but I was not chocked not moved.

enjoy the read and feel free to comment. MBTM
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am 23. Februar 2014
Okay, it is official. No matter what Bella Jewel writes, it is pure gold. I think I might have a little author crush on her. No, actually it is a big one.

“Angels In Leather” is dark and twisted and gritty, sexy and erotic as hell. Just like you imagine a good biker story to be. What makes it even better is that Bella does paint a realistic picture of outlaw MC clubs. They aren’t fluffy and cosy. Those are men leading a criminal life, not obeying to society’s rules or laws. They take matters in their own hands. But they aren’t just criminals. There is more to them. They can be loving husbands and fathers. They can extremely loyal and protective of the ones they care for. They will stand up for people that have been wronged and protect the ones that can’t protect themselves. They aren’t flawless, they can be dangerous, but they also still can be heroes.

One of them being Axel. The moment we meet him, he does not make it easy to like him. If not through glimpses into the past, I would have had no hope of him having a side to him other than a mean, evil, dangerous and sadistic one. He behaves like a real jerk while he hunts Meadow down for a package she is supposed to deliver to someone else. He is ruthless in his pursuit. But very soon it is clear that he has demons hunting him, experiences that he cannot forget and that made him into the man he is today. A man, who isn’t willing to let anyone in. A man, who is broken and who is seeking revenge. A man, that thinks he cannot love or be loved. A man, whom despite all his darkness you can’t help but fall for. One minute I wanted to punch his lights out, the next minute I wanted him to hunt me down and have his way with me, while the minute after I just wanted to hold him and chase away his demons. That’s one of the things that Bella Jewel has done so well….showing there isn’t just black and white, good or bad. There are many nuances in between. Axel being one of those. And with Meadow in his life, things are starting to shift. The walls around him are starting to come down brick by brick. Does this make him into the nice guys next door? No, but it makes him into someone willing to kill and die for the ones he loves.

Meadow on the other hand is a sweet, fairly innocent girl that had her life ripped to shreds and is now running – running to deliver a package and running for her life. Despite a situation that seems desperate and hopeless, Meadow never gives up. She is smart and witty, strong and resilient. An incredible character who stands up no matter how often life knocks her down. Torn between hate and attraction towards the man she is running from, she still acts smart and logical, governed by her brain and not her uterus. At the same time she does not deny the magnetic pull that she feels towards Axel. And once he catches her, her feelings get even more confused and jumbled. But instead of running from that, she wants to understand, to figure out what has happened to the man she once trusted. Are her actions always understandable? No. But then her situation is fairly extraordinary. And so is she. A female character you just can’t help but like. Someone who doesn’t lose faith in the people she cares about. Someone who is willing to forgive and start anew. Someone who doesn’t crumble when realizing that most of her life was a lie, but is willing to look towards the future. Someone who can’t help falling for Axel even at the risk of him not catching her.

Two wonderful characters whose story grabbed me completely and did not let me go until the last page – and even after I turned off my Kindle Axel and Meadow stayed with me. An unusual love story far from cosy and romantic, fuzzy and fluffy. But love isn’t just flowers and sunshine. Even the ones who are consumed by darkness can find love. And we witness that happening between Axel and Meadow. It isn’t without heart-break, it isn’t without tears – not just from the characters, but I was sobbing like a little baby at times. It is raw and intense. It is different and dark. But nevertheless, it is beautiful. I loved the suspense, the drama, the tragedy, the hot twisted sex. I loved the supporting characters. I loved everything about it. Except one thing – and that is that it ended.

5+ lost-in-the-MC-world, panties-twisted-in-a-knot stars.
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am 26. Februar 2014
That was one ride of a read! Nothing turns out the way it should be! It's hot, it's funny, it's disturbing, it's cruel and I couldn't get enough of it! Well written! Can't wait for the next one in this series!
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