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am 10. Februar 2014
I feel like I shouldn't give 5 stars for this book, but I really can't help it. Yes, I liked it and I had a good time reading it, so 5 stars it will be.

At times I couldn't stop laughing, though it probably wasn't meant to be funny. Don't get me wrong, this book wasn't stupid, just really entertaining in a strange way! The characters were so far away from my own life, that I couldn't wrap my head around their actions. Well, I've never been to jail, so how could I know, if you are discharged, first thing to do is going to a hairdresser? Anyway, I loved the story and the characters.

What happened after Princess was released from jail and got to the shop for the first time, was so weird and strange and really absurd, that I just didn't know if I should rather feel ashamed for her or adore her for being just herself. Which, by the way, was a handful. She was tough, raw and violent, as far from innocent as you can imagine and horny as hell. And she was riding her own bike.

How Cruz claimed Princess as his Ol' Lady was outright hilarious and sexy as hell at the same time. Fine, almost everything he said or did to his girl was hot. As I don't want to spoil anything here, I will just say, he also had an adorable and gentle touch, when it came to a special person. And there was also his rough side.

Never before did I have so much tolerance to pure violence in a book. A lot of people got killed within the story, and nobody even seemed to care. Still, I think it was a good read.

“Ravage Me” didn't end on a cliffhanger concerning Princess and Cruz, but the story itself wasn't done by the end, so I really want to read the next book in this series. And I hope we will get not only G.T.'s story there, but also a lot of Princess and Cruz, because I really need to see more of them.
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am 19. Dezember 2015
I don't know how far I got, but it was so stupid, I had to put it away.
The 'heroine' is painted as independent, strong, self-knowing - and when she meets that guy, she is nothing of it anymore. At least not in my eyes.

She gets out of jail, gets off on her bike while others watch (didn't she say a little earlier that she loved the privacy of her one-woman-cell??) and falls head over heels for a guy everybody warns her about. Plus the language. I don't mind language used, but it has to fit the character. It doesn't. The package just doesn't fit together in my eyes. So I put it down and will never look at it again.
There are way better books out there than this.
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