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2,9 von 5 Sternen
Until We Touch (Fool's Gold)
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
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am 23. August 2014
I've read all Fool's Gold books in a row. A mistake, I'm afraid...
Because Susan Mallery's style is very enjoyable, witty and well paced; so when read with ample time in between, I'm sure it would be easy to overlook one crucial detail: in almost all these books she tells the same story over and over again. So here I'll give a short summary - not of Jack and Larissa's Story, but of most of Fool's Gold's storylines in general..

Here we go: Boy meets Girl - both with more or less baggage (family tragedy, troubled childhood, early pregnancy, divorce, severe loss - you pick it), sexually confident and wildly attrackted to each other from the start. She dreams of marriage and motherhood, He believes himself unable to commit or even to love. Nevertheless they both decide it's a good idea to have a fling with no strings attached. Surprisingly (!), they fall in love, but while She embraces her feelings, He runs scared. Then, after some time of introspection, He reconsiders. And She takes him back without hesitation, no matter how horribly He bungled the beak-up and hurt Her in the Process. Happy End - yey.

Mallerys whole idea about a small town with too few men is funny, her characters interesting and endearing. But they are all the same! No woman who's main goal in life isn't marriage before the age of 30 and a bunch of children; no man ready to love; no relationship where She might have more reservations and He might be in more danger to get hurt. To top it off, all the guys and girls have the same sexual preferences; so no originality there either - and we're talking about 15 couples so far.

Summary: I don't regret buying Mallerys books and I'm sure to turn to them again. I'd only wish for more variety (and for the female characters to arrive in the 21st century, where it's absolutely ok to be single and not pining for numerous offspring).
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am 24. Juni 2014
My Thoughts:

Book #15 - and finally Jack & Larissa's story ☺
I've been waiting for them ever since the football boys moved into town☺

Jack - ex Quarterback of the Los Angeles Stallions moved into Fool's Gold a while ago, with his 2 buddie Sam & Kenny and their 'girl' buddy Taryn. The four of them own Score, a PR Agency - and Larissa is their friend, private Masseuse and.... Jack's personal assistant!

They're all best friends, especially Jack and Larissa. No sexual attraction, no weirdness - just best friends. BUT THEN!!!!!! Larissa's mother came to visit and before she left she visited Jack and told him that she wanted him to fire her daughter! Because, how can she ever find a man and get married and have babies while she's working for Jack in this weird little town?
And now the best part!!!!! She said, that Larissa won't leave on her own because she's been secretly in love with Jack for ages!!! *gasp* o.O

Jack doesn't know what to think - he never really saw Larissa as a real woman. She was always only his best buddy Larissa.
But he has to know if she really IS in love with him.
She's not she says - but now the whole idea of it is floating around the two of them ☺

Things start to get interesting!

NOPE..... I'm not telling you ☺

I don't want to spoil anything!!!


It's no secret anymore that I loved all the Fool's Gold books - I would be happy to have a new Fool's Gold book every month for the rest of my life! ☺

I was sooo looking forward to reading Jack's book - he seemed like such a great guy in the past few books - the way he always let Larissa do whatever she wanted with all her rescues ☺

And it totally didn't disappoint!
Larissa and Jack were amazing!!!
She's the sweet world-safer who doesn't know how pretty she is and he's the former star athlete who doesn't believe in love - because once you love somebody they die or leave you.

It was so much fun watching the two of them find their way....
Though they were never really alone ;))) What with all of Larissa's rescues - be it animal or human ☺

I just loved it!

The next novella will be about Jack's buddy Kenny and single mom Bailey! I can't wait!!! And it will even be twice as amazing - because it will be a Christmas Novella ☺

UNTIL WE TOUCH - it's another perfect Romance:
SEXiness, Romance, funny & frustrating scenes, moving moments ♥ like all of SUSAN'S books = JUST PERFECT ☺
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am 5. September 2014
Die Bücher von Susan Mallery laufen alle nach dem selben Schema ab und sind von der ersten Seite an vorhersehbar. Damit meine ich nicht das obligatorische Happy End, sondern vielmehr die Entwicklung der Charaktere. Der männliche Protagonist will/kann sich nicht binden, die weibliche Hauptfigur trägt die Bürde der Liebe zu ihm und leidet...
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