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3,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 5. Februar 2014
Having worked on several web projects recently I am very interested in latest trends, mobile first being one of the most interesting design trends. I also used the Twitter Bootstrap framework in some sites. Hence, I worked my way through Mobile-First bootstrap with the goal to get to know more about the guiding principles for mobile first sites and actual implementations using Bootstrap 3. My goal was to use it as a quick start for having my next project start as mobile first using Bootstrap 3.

In a nutshell, this book offers a lot of information and so many useful resources. My only gripe is, that at times it seems like it wants to put too much information in the approximately 92 pages. Novice readers can easily get lost in the many tips about possibly helpful tools that I would only advise experienced web developers to read through this book.

The contents include getting Bootstrap 3.0 on your machine, the reasons for going mobile first, and installing the tools required to run the Bootstrap docs with Bower and grunt (which is what I found the least useful part for my expectations towards the book but nonetheless quite interesting). The second chapter explains the grid model and breakpoints as well as some other CSS fundamentals with Bootstrap. This chapter is really useful, especially if you are new to Bootstrap. Next up is a discussion of how to utilize JavaScript in a mobile first approach. Chapter 4 finally brings it all together and gives a walkthrough of how to build your own mobile first project. This is in fact my favorite part of the book as it puts all theoretical aspects to real life, I would have loved to have this in more detail. In the final chapter the performance topic is addressed, which is basically again a collection of helpful tips.

Perhaps my expectation was misaligned with the aim of the book, but I found the practical example too short in comparison to the pages spent on e.g. running the Bootstrap documentation with Node.js tools. It is definitely helpful to know all things mentioned in the book, I think it could be streamlined to be more to the point of how to actually develop a project once you decided you want to go mobile first but also look good on larger screens.

Who is this book for? I'd suggest it for experienced developers and designers with some web development background who are already a bit familiar with Bootstrap 2 and want to know more about the background of Bootstrap 3. Don't expect to have a quick hands-on tutorial so much as a very broad overview of changes and potential that comes with the latest installment of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Also, I had the notion that the overall editing of the book could be improved. Various typos and hand-drawn annotations in screenshots leave room for improvement.
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