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am 12. März 2014
If you are interested in the fate and possible development of humanity and AIs, this bundle of books will be great to read! You will learn the fate of several characters and how they influence future history. Each step forward is more fantastic than the last and you will find yourself immersed in worlds that capture your interest.

I loved this bundle of 4 books although it took me a while to read! Some parts are a bit hard to understand because of the mathematical and computer-related facts but even if you are no genius (like me) you will get the story! I would have put the last story (human plus) not at the end because it tells the reader (Spoiler!) how the AI came to be, but it was still gripping and I loved every part. Sometimes the turns happen so fast, and the characters act like superhumans *g* that you will find yourself turning the pages faster and faster.
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am 29. Juli 2015
Der Autor hat einen guten, Schreibstil, spannend, gute Dialoge. Allerdings wird die Geschichte schnell ziemlich grausig (Folterszenen, Massengenozid ). Ich bevorzuge, dass Spannung auf andere Art erzeugt wird.
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am 20. Januar 2015
I started on David Simpson's "Post Human" series because I came across one of the books available as a free promotion on the US Amazon site. I downloaded it but didn't have high expectations because I have found that free promotions are often hit and miss. In this case, however, I was so pleasantly surprised that I had to buy the rest of the series.
I enjoyed the whole series - the characters, the plot, the sciencey timey-whimey stuff that I don't know enough of to know how possible it is, but got swept up in it nonetheless. There were certainly enough references to real scientific concepts and scientists to suck in and convince the reader with a moderate interest in Quantum physics, without it all being too heavy and deep and detracting from the storyline.
I don't want to give any spoilers, so I will keep this brief. The Post Human series will take you on an adventure through the future, through where technology may lead us (the good and the bad), the role AI may play, and how this future will change our relationships. But, most importantly, you will be turning the pages as quickly as you can to find out what happens to the characters who become your friends, as they try to protect the earth and life as they know it. It is the perfect basis for a blockbuster movie, so I hope some producers take notice!
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am 11. März 2015
This is a series that I fell in love with early and have stayed in love with throughout.
It seems to meander and wander before hitting you with all new information and terror. AI in subtle, and not so subtle ways. It's own ends the only thing driving it.
This is a future book and sci-fi. If you don't like those genre, please keep looking. If you're open to one, semi-terrifying but well thought out vision of the future, well, grab a copy and a comfy chair and read on. You won't be disappointed.
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am 20. Juni 2014
Post-Human series is one of the most exciting series written. You never can anticipate what will happen next... thought provoking with a vision of what human kind can become. Great Job David Simpson!
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am 24. März 2014
Eine Geschichte, die besser nicht erzählt werden könnte, wie Matrix und Surrogates in Höchstform kombiniert, nur zu Ende und noch weiter gedacht, dazu mit aktuellsten Bio-Tech-Entwicklungen geschmückt, und so wunderbar komplex und doch super gut zu lesen (auf Englisch) und hoch-spannend - eine absolute Empfehlung.
Das beste SciFi-Buch (oder Reihe) der letzten Jahrzehnte!
Ich habe wenig gute SciFi entdeckt in letzter Zeit - aber hier hat sich der Author selbst übertroffen.
Es regt zum Nachdenken an über High-Tech, Fanatik, Fortschrittsglaube. Macht riesen Spaß!
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am 19. Januar 2015
I really enjoyed these books (and book 5!) and look forward to reading the upcoming book(s) in the series. The author suggests that some readers may wish to read book 2 and then book 1 since book 1 was written later, but I think reading book 1 first was a wise choice. There are some fairly fantastic advances described in these books and book 1 seemed to give a good basis for what happens in book 2. That said, it does feel like book 2 was written without the context of book 1.

Some of the technological advances seem pretty exciting and interesting, but others felt a little clunky--as one example, in the beginning of book 2 one of the characters has to click on a virtual "open door" button in their mind to open the door rather than being able to just think "open door" or have the door be smart enough to just open without the character doing anything. It's like they're still using a windows desktop in their mind. For the most part, though, the books seem forward thinking and have a lot of fun, imaginative extensions of various scientific principles and philosophies.

The books maintain a fast pace that keeps the reader interested and do not lose the reader through lack of detail or too much detail. They read kind of like a movie--and in fact at least one of them is being made into a movie.

The author is very responsive to fans on Facebook, by personal email, and so forth. If you like the books, you'll want to get on his mailing list and follow him on Facebook.
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am 22. Januar 2015
David has written a wonderful series building up to and going beyond The Singularity. With the 'Post Human' series, the plot twists kept me off balance throughout and while the science is out there, the story never went into jargon mode. It was always approachable and believable. Believable? YES! It's Sci-Fi, but it's not hard to picture it happening. Nice!

I'm of the opinion that The Singularity won't happen quite as imagined by Kurzweil/Hertling (Avagadro Corp) but I have NO problem reading about it from other points of view. With AI's creating mayhem everywhere we look in this series, the action is constant and unrelenting. I'm incredibly attached to the idea of AI's so this series took it home for me. With a steady steam of plot reversals, dives and loops, the book took on a roller coaster-like appeal. Dull, it was NOT.

I also think David has perfected 'Computational Metaphysics' as a thing.

A fast, fun series that was, sadly, too short for me. I didn't want it to end when it did. This is a sure-fire series that the author is bringing to us, the lucky readers.

I cannot recommend this series more. Trust me!
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am 11. März 2015
Diese Serie ist als philosophisch reich wie es spannende und rasante ist. Es ist eine Geschichte über die wahre Natur des Menschen, mit all der Liebe, Verlust und Schmerz, die das Leben so real zu machen. Die Geschichte ist gut durchdacht und gut erzählte. Jede Einstellung wird, so dass jeder Teil für die Handlung notwendig ist, aufgebaut, und die verschiedenen Elemente auf unerwartete Weise an Bedeutung gewinnen. Die Zeichen sind besonders reich und sympathisch in den letzten Bücher, auch wenn jedes Zeichen zeigt, manchmal einzelne Mängel, die ihnen helfen real erscheinen. Die Auswirkungen dieser Geschichte sind endlos, und ich kann sehen, diese schnell zu einem Lieblingsserie, die auch weiterhin in viele Richtungen wachsen kann. Ich hoffe sehr, dass David Simpson wird dieser Sammlung hinzuzufügen. Das Tempo ist gnadenlos schnell, und jeder Handlungswechsel ergänzt die allgemeine Geschichte und lenkt nicht von ihm. Die Logik der Handlung ist klar und gut organisiert, aber Simpson lässt genügend Unsicherheit, Ihnen zu raten. Am Ende gibt es keine losen Enden und ich fand mich zu spekulieren über mehrere Tage über das, was als nächstes kommen könnte.
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am 20. Januar 2015
A wonderful and riveting series that kept me awake until I had finished it. I actually couldn't put it down. The future it describes is very possible if we survive the terrorists of today. One can see this future happening although probably not in the near future. The conflict we could run in to of our own "free will" vs. a superior intelligence overseeing us is a bit frightening in some aspects (i.e. not even thinking about someone outside your committed relationship as opposed to "it's OK to look at the menu but no ordering" so to speak is a bit too Big Brother for me but the idea that terrorism could be controlled (which you can sort of see here) is appealing. However the issue in the end has to be "who should be the judge of that?" along with "would this situation help or hinder our own evolution as a species?" I might well embrace this world while you might find it absolutely terrifying. Part of that depends upon your own upbringing, politics and worldview. So I'll leave that one up to you to decide.
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