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am 20. Juni 2017
There is something fascinating about the Person Freddie Mercury.... So i buyed this Book to get a sneak into the Life and the last years of this talented, generous and, in real life very shy and full of seperation anxiety Person.

The Book is infact mainly about Jim Hutton and expensive gifts. Some of it its clearly a privacy invasion that Freddie would not accept if he was still alive.

It's an interesting read but appears somewhat patchy with some length and repetitions and too much self-aggrandizing.

Recommend the much cheapier ebook-version ;-)
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am 15. November 2015
Ein absolut großartiges und liebevolles Buch des Lebensgefährten von Freddie. Es gibt interessante Einblicke in das Leben und die Psyche dieses Rockstars, der privat offenbar ein anderer Mensch war als auf der Bühne. Sehr lesenswert, nicht nur für Queen-Fans.
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am 11. Juni 2013
I have enjoyed this book very much..Very kind and down-to-earth way of writing..Many interesting details..Of course a bit (or a lot) sad story. But it left very ncie impression on me, pity that the author died as well, he seemed to be a very ncie guy.
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am 30. September 2009
15 years after the first edition of this book I eventually got my hands on it.
And it was a pleasure to read - it told me about another, very private sight, of Freddie Mercury and his lover/husband Jim Hutton.
I saw the videos of Mary, and Peter Freestone/Freddie's friends, made by the "Torpedo Twins" at youtube (The Untold Story) but interviews with Jim Hutton are very rare and mostly also very short.

Dear Jim,
I love you for writing this book and sharing your sight of your life with Freddie.
And I love you for your honesty - I don't think you or Tim Wapshott messed up anything.
I'm very sorry for you and Peter and Joe - the way it went wasn't that what Freddie wanted for you, that's clear as a Koi pond....
I hope you're fine and found some peace at heart.
And a (bad) translation from Tagore (famous indian poet):"Beautiful days - don't cry that they are gone - but smile that they have been...."
That's my most helpful thought at every single bad time.
You had have the love of your life - you've been loved too. ;-)
Best wishes and lots of love
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