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am 1. Juni 2014
St Mary's und Max reisen wieder in die Vergangenheit. Diesmal sind Jack the Ripper, Thomas Becket und Mary Stuart dran. Wobei die Zukunft auch nicht zu kurz kommt.

Eins meiner Lieblingsbücher. Zeitreise, Geschichte und coole Sprüche (vor allem über Historiker) machen die Mischung. Wobei die Charaktere auch noch liebenswert und normal sind.
Ich mag es wenn man etwas lernt (das sind die Teile über Geschichte, die sehr sorgfälltig und gut recherechiert sind), wenn es spannend ist (werden sie gerettet oder nicht), wenn man sich mit den Personen identifizieren kann (wie schwer ist es eine Beziehung aufzubauen) und auch noch schmunzeln kann (die Sprüche). Dieses Buch bietet alles in einer tollen Sprache und leicht zu lesen.
Ein Genuss.
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am 22. Februar 2014
I admire the way the author has found to integrate what are essentially short stories set in various exciting times and places into what appears to be a novel, through the arc of the narrator`s love story and career. Here we have an instance of the "big misunderstanding", something I dislike, and for that reason I only give four instead of five stars, as I awarded the first volume. Otherwise the quirky characters, constant near-catastrophes, and deadpan humor are much the same. The way the historians ensure Mary Stuart's tragic fate is rather memorable, too, and would not sit easily on anyone's conscience.

(The third volume, newly come out, is currently on my wish list).
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am 27. Juli 2015
On the first one in this series I liked the idea of travelling in the past to investigate and document it. The history was somehow confusing and the characters blurred.
I am happy I gave it a second chance, because this one is much better in both storyline and characters. A nice holiday read.
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am 22. November 2013
Like her first book, this one also couldn't be put down. I was way to happy to see this book ready for downloading and can't wait for book 3. Yet again St Mary has made history interesting. But before the we get to travel into the past we have to save St Mary in the future. Won't give anything away but if you loved the first book you will love this one. Now off to read the Christmas St Mary.
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am 27. November 2013
The chronicles of st Marys are the most riveting books I have read in ages! The story is awesome. It is a mix of historic novel, science fiction, action thriller and extremely funny novel. Throw in some extremely unlikely heroes , time travel and a love story and its a book which you cannot put down.

Definitely 5 stars - would give more if I could!
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am 14. Juni 2014
I love the way Jodi Taylor is presenting History and was riveted to the story-line. If History was taught at school like that, I know what my favourite subject would have been. Alas, it was not and I am grabbing my second chance to learn about History and absolutely loving it. I like the humour, the panache of Max and the immersion in historical periods, all done in an action-packed way.
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am 19. Mai 2015
I read the first book in this series (Just on damn thing after another) and knew I had to read the rest. I wasn't disappointed! These book are a great read. They have a bit of everything - history, science fiction, adventure, romance and lots of humour (even the odd tear jerker). I can't wait until #6 comes out this August!
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am 12. November 2017
Lovely and fun characters, good story, well-written and sooo much stuff happens. Very exciting, you won't be bored. Really enjoying these books.
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am 14. März 2017
I enjoyed the second book as much as I did the first and have just downloaded the third (Kindle).
The books are easy to read and flow nicely.
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am 20. Dezember 2013
Well-written & fast paced. The first few chapters about Jack the Ripper really had my heart pumping. The theory about the Dodos extinction was very funny, indeed. And what Max did to Leon's car was simply hilarious. Finished it in one sitting. Looking forward to the 3rd book of St. Mary.
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