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am 16. September 2016
The basic idea, that a lot of people in a rather small neighbourhood decide on hiring a contract killer to get rid of someone, is cute. But there are too many flaws to the story due to incorrect (or no?) research on the facts.
Here are some examples:
- The year of the Olympics in Hitler Germany is not 1939 ( which was the beginning of WWII), but 1936.

- A German Embassy in the USA shortly before WWII ended? The author must be kidding. The two countries were at war - no way could the Nazis have smuggled Hitler's niece into the USA.

- Although a woman might show off her newly enlarged boobs a short while after the OP, having sex with a man touching and fondling her breasts would be too painful for weeks to come.

- The German word for 'a pistol' is not 'a Pistolen', but eine/a Pistole.

There are also the long and boring descriptions, for example of the clothes Cindy and Carla wear to attract Elliot's attention, which are being repeated when another character observes their stylish outfits. That's not the best way of making a book long ehough to publish.
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am 18. April 2016
I would have given this five stars if it hadn't been for two cases of sloppy spelling or editing that irritated me. If you don't speak a language then you should get someone who does to check any foreign expressions. And the difference between “site“ and “sight“ should be obvious.
That said I enjoyed how the author gradually built a picture with the minutiae of the daily lives, whilst holding back certain details and so leaving you guessing who is doing what with whom.
It turns out that no one in the neighbourhood is quite what they seem to be.
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am 26. Dezember 2016
The basic idea might have been a good one. However, badly researched (or not at all?) it contains wrong historic facts. Both plot and characters stay rather flat. At the beginning - still hopeful - I was wondering whether it might develop into a satire - but it did not. And then suddenly it was over - leaving me disappointed with all the loose ends.
Don't waste your time!
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am 7. Juli 2016
The story idea was fun, but the writing and mistakes were so bad and redundant, and the plot was too easy to figure out. I only read it to the end to see if I was right, which I was. Will not read another book of this low-talented writer.
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am 10. Mai 2016
This is the first of three books about the people of the Gordonston neighbourhood. Well written, humorous and with surprising twists and turns. Good to read, even for those whose first language isn't English.
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am 21. Juli 2015
Habe mich köstlich beim Lesen amüsiert und die Spannung kam trotzdem nicht zu kurz. Rundum, es hat richtig Spaß gemacht das e-book zu lesen.
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am 3. Mai 2015
The characters are really well described, no one is just likable, every person in this book has some quirks. As I read the sequel first I already knew what would happen, but it was a fun read anyway.
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am 24. August 2015
Relativ spannend, weil die Geschichte ein unerwartetes Ende findet, aber dennoch als Gesamtwerk eher seicht, leicht und schnell lesbar, asl Sommerlekturüre gut geeignet.
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am 20. Februar 2015
Wunderbar, wie die Idylle so nach und nach von allen Seiten her Löcher bekommt - spannend bis zum überraschenden Ende
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am 11. Oktober 2015
Wer den Anfang macht mit diesem Buch sollte unbedingt die nachfolgen lesen. Sehr amüsant und wer hier nicht lacht hat keinen Humor.
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