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am 27. Februar 2014
Yet another murder occurs in the small town of Sinful, Louisiana. This time, Fortune’s friend Ida Belle is accused of murdering her rival in the mayoral election by poisoning him with the Sinful Ladies Society’s cough syrup (aka white lightning). Hilarity ensues.

What I liked:
You should not read this book in a public place. Seriously. I was laughing all the time, and people probably thought I was crazy. There is lots and lots of lovely humor. And not the kind where you laugh at someone’s expense – here, you laugh with the characters.
I read mostly for entertainment, so for me one of the biggest compliments I can pay an author is to say that she made me laugh out loud. Not just a smile or a chuckle – a real belly laugh. Jana Deleon definitely delivers.
The characters are also immensely enjoyable. They all have their quirks and faults but are loyal to a fault. I always look forward to meeting up with them again.

What I didn’t like:
In my opinion, this was almost a five star book. Unfortunately, the plot has more holes than Swiss cheese. If the police had bothered to run the victim’s finger prints, the crime would have been cleared up within the first few chapters. Also, the characters mention several times that the police has absolutely no reason whatever to search the murder victim’s house or his desk. Seriously? Even I (and I don’t watch CSI or any other crime show on TV) know that the police will definitely search the victim’s possessions in a murder case.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I can recommend it to anyone who’s looking for some entertainment and isn’t bothered by some inconsistencies in the plot.
This is the third book in Jana Deleon’s Miss Fortune series, but you don’t need to read the previous books to understand this one. Go ahead, give it a try.
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am 5. März 2015
... ist auch der dritte Teil der Miss Fortune-Reihe. Ich hoffe die Bücher werden bald ins Deutsche übersetzt, wobei man sie ebenfalls in der englischen Version gut lesen kann - auch wenn man kein Englisch-Ass ist!
Für dieses Band von mir wieder volle Punktzahl und eine eindeutige Lese-Empfehlung!
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am 29. April 2014
Swamp Sniper von Jana Deleon ist absolut urkomisch! Wer noch nicht in den Genuss gekommen ist ein Buch von Jana Deleon zu lesen hat eindeutig was verpasst!!!
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am 19. Mai 2015
Das Buch ist spannend geschrieben. Dennoch hat es sehr viel Witz und Charm. Ich werde mir auch die nächsten bestellen.
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