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3,6 von 5 Sternen
3,6 von 5 Sternen
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
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am 31. Dezember 2013
Yesterday I had a day off and woke up at 5.30 AM! I hate that!
So I decided to browse on amazon, because maybe, well just maybe there could be a book that could keep me company until I fell asleep again.
Only for you is what I found! I started reading and finished it at 1P.M. having forgotten that I still wanted to do plenty of other things but well... the world could wait!

Only for you is the first book by Genna Rulon, a very talented young lady.
It is the first in a series, the second being Pieces of you.
They could be read as stand alones but I would regret not having read this one first.

It does not end in a cliffhanger (thank you so much Genna) or at least not for the two main characters (read between the lines: you will want to buy the second part to know what happens to the secondary characters!)

I enjoyed the plot and the characters.
Everleigh and her best friend Samantha are attending Hensley University. When several girls from the university get brutally attacked they decide to attend a self-defense course. What they do not expect is the man who is their trainer: Hunter Charles (alias Temptation on legs).
Ev and Hunter have sparks flying between them. Their rhetoric battles are amazing and fun.
As every new attack becomes more violent than the previous one however, danger is part of the game.
A lot of things keep Ev and Hunter to together. Therefore there is some romance lacking.
I regretted that the few sex scenes were not hotter.
Hunter is hot, fun, sexy, intelligent... where do you keep men like these hidden?

The writing is good. It keeps you reading (or at least it did with me). There are plenty of things happening through the book, not all very logical but it did not disturb me really.

I underscored plenty of sentences in the book; this is how nicely it is written.

Would I recommend it? Yep, already did.
Would I buy part two? Well, yep, already did ;)

Enjoy the read MBTM
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am 23. März 2014
“Only For You” dragged a little. I think it was superficial. The characters were not very well developed. Secondary characters were introduced for no reason.

But Hunter was great. I think, I would have loved the book more, if he would have had his own POV – at least sometimes. He was smart, good-looking and a martial arts pro. He also was caring and funny. Everleigh was shallow and unbelievable. Most of her actions were unreasonable and hard to comprehend. I couldn't really relate to the characters, especially the female lead. And I missed the romance.

The story itself was flat. It really felt constructed and unrealistic. The crime going on an campus was not really thrilling. Some things just happened and there was no solution afterwards. While some parts were described to no end, others just fell short. For instance, if there are pages and pages about your car breaking down and you call somebody in the middle of the night, that guy calls the tow truck and picks you up in the middle of nowhere – how can you just drive the car the next day? This doesn't make sense. I found a lot of things disturbing while reading this book and it was really a long read. This is actually a 2.5 stars for me, but I got it for free on Amazon, so I went for 3 stars in the end.
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am 20. November 2013
4.5 stars

Only For You is my discovery of 2013. I happened upon it by accident, browsing books to find something to read. I never expected this and I will never underestimate Genna Rulon even for a second. Only For You is a gem, one of those rare finds, a special book that will give you one heck of a book hangover!

The plot of Only For You is rather simple. Everleigh and Samantha are best friends and in their final semester of college. They participate in a self-defence seminar because more and more women have been getting attacked on campus. Every attack is more violent than the last and Ev and Sam decide to visit the self-defence seminar, led by Hunter Charles, which is sponsored by the school. Hunter and Ev have immediate chemistry, but Everleigh’s biting sarcasm leads to a small confrontation between the two. Their relationship is not off to a good start. When Ev sees Hunter again in one of her business classes, a rhetoric war starts between them. No one has ever been able to battle Ev with wit and cunning repartee, but Hunter is her equal!

Ev and Hunter’s conversations, or rather rhetoric battles, as well as Sam’s quirkiness are what make this book! It is something I have never encountered before. Everleigh is such a unique character, as is Sam, Only For You lives on the foundation of its fantastically individual and complex characters. They give already phenomenal dialogues and inner monologues life and excitement. Because of Everleigh’s quick and complex thoughts, the book is fast-paced and action packed, even though the plot is simplistic. This creates tension and excitement, even though there might not be any physical action in a certain scene.

Genna Rulon is the master of playing with language. Anyone who appreciates the art of writing, language, wit and sarcasm will love this book. This is not for someone who wants a mindless read. Only For You challenges its readers. It requires them to keep up with Ev and Sam’s crazy ideas and wacky conversations while trying to solve an underlying suspense plot.

Admittedly, the suspense storyline is not hard to figure out, but this is not a detective novel. The consequences of the attacks and the character of a person, which is revealed in such extreme circumstances, are of greater importance.

Hunter is not the most present character, but he challenges Everleigh and changes her way of thinking in certain cases. The romance is always a part of the story, nonetheless. Ev and Hunter become very close friends but their feelings can’t be denied. I loved how Everleigh commented on the change in her and Hunter’s friendship. She realizes that no matter what happens to them, if she approaches Hunter with her feelings or not, their relationship has already changed because she developed those new emotions in the first place. This is something so inconsequential but profound at the same time and it really reflects Everleigh’s character. She is crazy and wacky at times, but also has a kind heart and gentle soul. She doesn’t hide behind her sarcasm, she genuinely enjoys having the upper hand and she uses language and rhetoric to control a situation or just to enjoy herself. Most of the time, Everleigh’s comments simply provide entertainment for her and I was right there with her.

I could go on and on, analysing every character and scene in this book. It would give me great pleasure but would also spoil the read for everyone but myself. Towards the end, the conversations, especially on Hunter’s end, became a bit stilted but I understand Hunter’s need to perfectly express himself as he had to keep his emotions in check for such a long time.

Without spoiling the book, Samantha goes through one of the most horrifying experiences of her life, and I can’t wait to read her story in Pieces Of You, coming out in December of this year. Only For You has brought me laughter, tears and so much joy! I will never be able to listen to a Sarah Bareilles song without thinking of ‘Sweet As Hole’ and Everleigh’s triumph. Genna Rulon has quickly become a favourite of mine. She captivated me with this fantastic debut!

Favorite Quotes:
"I thought I was happy before you, but you lit up my world. You challenged me, made me laugh, and aroused me beyond reason. Everything before you and without you was dim and monotonous. I may be able to live without you, but I don’t want to, it would be bland and uninspiring. Existing, not thriving."
“The world is not full of assholes. But, they are strategically placed so that you'll come across one every day.”
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am 11. Februar 2014
romance plus suspense, a super protective martial arts pro as a hero - sounded promising. But with all the descriptions of food and clothing, and unnatural, verbose dialogue, this didn't work for me.
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am 31. Mai 2014
loved it although there is room for improvement which is why i bought the second book to seeif it gets better. positive: great dialogue, witty repartee, the dramatic parts emotional and made me cry. negative: parts are somehow disjointed and don't quite fit together as in the the romance at the beginning is more along the lines of rom com/chick flick which i enjoyed but didn't quite fit with the suspense/tragic part. overall i found this a recommendable read
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