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4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 26. Mai 2014
The book begins with the meeting of Heather and Daryl, when Daryl races by the holiday home of Heathers family in a kayak. She quickly dicovers, that Daryl lost part of his left leg due to an accident as a boy, but learnt to compensate it and to walk and even dance again. They fall in love and become a normal couple. When they meet the young boy Billy Lambert during a visit in a hospital, who refuses to even try on an artificial leg, they show him by Daryls example, that even without a leg you don't need to become a cripple,but can lead a fairly normal life and even enjoy sports again. From that point on the focus turns more to Billy, as after a while he starts to help other kids in the amputee ward of the hospital the same way, Daryl has helped him: by giving them an encouraging expamle.His success is quickly acknowledged by the staff and with only 13 years old he becomes part-time head of the motivation department of the ward. Together with Tracy, a girl he meets during the preparation of Heather's and Daryl's wedding, he implements measures to help prevent depression after an amputation and to show children, that with hard work and the right mindset they are not cripples, but can achieve a normal life again.
The books shows some examples during his teenage years, where his methode can help other children and even become known as the Lambert System in other hospitals.
Beside the work they do during their freetime, we get climpes of the developing romace between Billy and Tracy and their lasting friendship to Heather and Darly.
I really liked reading this book. It is a great example to show, that with the right motivation a lot can be achieved. It is also a book that streches over several years and develops evenly, without artificial drama. But nonetheless it captivated me and I could not put it down.
What made me reduce the review to four stars are some points in the story, that seem to be a bit too unbelievable. For example: during the first swimming session at school Billy's teacher criticises his one leg jump without having noticed, that he misses a leg. I can't imagine this really happening, as walking on two legs and moving on one leg are different movements and a PE teacher is bound to quickly notice the difference. But the writing is such, that although I don't believe such a scene could really happen, I catched myself wondering "Or could it happen like this?"
And even if some scenes are really exaggerated, one does not really need to believe all of the story to get the most important message: You are a cripple and will be considered as one, only when you believe it yourself. So change your mind, work hard and you will be normal, even without a limb. And to help others you don't even need to be an adult.
So I would really like to encourage to give this story a try.
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am 3. Januar 2015
I enjoyed reading this book so much as Australia was my home for a long time! The story of those children coping and helping is just great!
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