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am 20. April 2017
Hervorragend geschriebenes Buch, das sowohl für Menschen mit Glutenunverträglichkeit als auch solche mit dem Wunsch nach gesünderer Ernährung und Lebensstil viele wertvolle Tipps bietet!
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am 21. September 2013
The book is written very well. You understand the sense even if you don't know every single word (I'm german and I understood everything). It's structured very interestingly. It has many chapters and these chapters are divided into several parts. So it offers a clear view. You can also read the book even if you don't know much about Novak Djokovic or tennis in general because you'll learn not only much about Novak Djokovic's diet but also about his tennis career and his private life. I just can recommend it to you, I was very satisfied by reading it.
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am 18. Oktober 2013
Before I read this book, I was astonished about the fitness of different tennis players. They have to play, if in the top 10-20 of the world, at least 70-100 matches each year, with sometimes a very low time of regeneration. Not at least players like Tommy Haas, who is 35 years old, impressed me by his physical agility. As "Djoker" says in his book, the most important part to keep the level of performance at that high level is to regenerate as good as possible. The personal solution for the number 1 of tennis should be, the right nutrition (f.e. Gluten-free), Stretching- workouts, mental balance, and the right social environment. I was interested in the first to parts, the nutrition and the workouts, because I am for myself passionate in soccer and tennis.

The book spend the most pages to describe how Djoker is used to eat and why he does this. Very interesting is the combination of different elements of different cultures, he gathered when he travelled around the word, while the ATP tour.
So he combines the hints he got to create his own dishes and menus, and he declares which effects this nutrition has to his fitness.

The book is well written, it`s entertaining too, and the parts of his personal experiences when he was younger, as a short chronic to his sports chareer were very interesting, too. He begins the nutrition part with his experiences about a Gluten intolerance which he maybe developed by years eating much pasta and pizza and other gluten containing food. The explanations are quite simple, he relates the scientific based knowledge about food-allergies to a doctor and nutrition researcher. Sometimes he leaves is path of empiric science and tells f.e. about a experiment he experienced which is very doubtable for me. But this is only twice taking place in his book. So a great deal of his explanations which are based on a doctors work are quite interesting and reasonable.

It`s a pity that he tells not so much about his workouts, like stretching workouts, taichi or qigong. He is apperently combining different ways of workouts to keep his body elastic and strong.

He gives a look at his daily workout plan and of course of his normal menus when he is on tour. So he represent a bunch of different dishes and gives the reader the possibility to create his of personal menus. Ok for my part I wont buy the expensive honey he uses or the rare nuts he eats, I am just a student, so I bought the stuff in a normal supermarket, but it worked for me.

It worked for me. I had no idea of having just one food intolerance, but after 2 weaks and then after couple of weaks I was very impressed that I felt better and better, especially after eating. Maybe I had a subtile intolerance of different substances like Gluten and Lactose, but I had never expected such a great result. I feel lighter and fitter and can keep my physical and mental performance during the hole day, whithout have a great deep after eating and without needing time to digest the food I ate. He also speaks about the ability to keep the Glucose level at the same level over the hole day. Of course the main part take the hormone insulin, but with the right nutrition and portions you can supplement a balanced Glucose level, which is for me very important.

In summary the book is a well written look at Djokers way of eating and beahving to keep the high level of a top tennis professional. The small, sometimes very funny and humorous parts when he speaks about his tour mates are very entertaining and makes the book to one which is not only focused on the fact that Gluten might be bad for your physical and mental condition. It`s more an insight to Djokers working ethic, his discipline and his love for tennis. So I can recommend it to everyone who is interested in the food-intolerance aspect, the Tennis tour and of course Novak Djokovic.
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am 15. Oktober 2013
Natürlich bin ich als langjähriger Fan wohl ein bisschen voreingenommen, aber über das Autobiographische hinaus finde ich die Informationen zu (gluten freier) Ernährung und körperlicher sowie psychischer Fitness gleichermaßen interessant wie hilfreich. Djokovic erklärt verständlich und doziert zu keinem Zeitpunkt: immer betont er, was ihm persönlich (als Profitennisspieler) hilft und dass jeder für sich herausfinden muss, was davon für die eigene Umsetzung geeignet ist.

Einiges hatte ich ansatzweise in Kommentaren während seiner Matches gehört, aber in dem erzählenden Schreibstil bekommt man das Gefühl, als erzähle Nole es einem selbst.
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am 6. Dezember 2014
"Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence" by famous tennis player Novak Ðokovic is not usual diet book, but nice mix of memoirs, dietary recipes and motivational literature.

When back in 2011 he won 10 tournaments and had won 43 consecutive matches Novak was able to finally overcome Federer and Nadal, and become world No.1 tennis player.

From the first time he came on tennis scene it was obvious that he had extreme amount of talent, but had also problems with health and injuries. There were lot of occasions when he had to call time-out during match due to a need of medical help, he had problems with excessive fatigue and breathing. Due to this issues he began to be criticized in the media as a hypochondriac or not fit enough.

But the problem was not in any of the above but in his diet. He changed his diet after he met Dr. Cetojevic, who assumed that problems were caused due to food intolerance. After Novak gave up gluten for 2 weeks he immediately saw and felt the difference and it was obvious that he have to eliminate dairy and gluten from his meals. The result was that he lost some weight, but gain lot of energy and flexibility, the problems with breathing ceased and then happened all the above-mentioned successes in 2011.

As mentioned, the book is mostly about nutrition and the effects this new nutrition plan had on his life but it's not only about his diet. It gives reader some interesting facts about how he started playing tennis, his family background, describing support he got from his family that helped him to overcome problems and become the best tennis player in the world.

Speaking about the diet inside can be found a wealth of information about healthy eating and Balkans medicine that will be interesting for someone who is not from this geographic area. The author suggests to the reader to try stop eating gluten for 2 weeks, as he did, and see what will be the results. In fact he is giving suggestions to a reader, not a complete diet plan to follow, he reminds that we have to remember to use common sense, and while following doctor's advices we should always listen to our body. This book will probably also be of interest for vegans and vegetarians because it could help them to broaden their meals selection.

The book nice add-on is that Novak is also sharing his insights how to achieve stronger mind-set that could be interesting to players of different sports, not just tennis.

The book is real joy to read, it's written in a colloquial literary style making it easy to comprehend.
Therefore, regardless of whether you plan to follow Novak's advices or not, I strongly recommend you to read this interesting book.
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am 4. März 2014
I read Perlmutters Grain Brain intitially and had incredible results with gluten free food, so I guess I did not need to be converted. But Djokovic certainly has his own very practical twist on it. The book is written in a very nice and unobtrusive manner.

I myself am also an avid tennis player, so I hope that Djokovic will come back on the number one seed.
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am 9. September 2016
Besides the chance to look into the life and soul of one of the most amazing athletes and human beings nowadays, the book provides vast amounts of nutrition and sport science backed information on how some foods may affect one's body. This in a very open, unbiased, "alyways trust only your own inner voice and body" style.
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am 16. Juli 2015
I am still reading it, I don't think the faulty of the script is great and do not agree on many aspect he presented on his background there are some misleading parts but I totally get the Gluten and milk product part, I also felt much better reducing those products from my diet
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