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am 19. November 2013
Hier gibt's meinen Kommentar, den ich bereits für das Steve Hoffman Audiophile Forum gepostet habe:

I received my copy the other day, and am a happy man, right now.Some may want to know the sources, recordings dates and venues of the featured shows. For some reason, perhaps to avoid copyright hassles, all the booklet reveals is the state they were recorded in - wow, now that's what I call a service for the serious collectors, eh?

Anyway, here goes:

1. "Philadelphia" (should be "Pennsylvania", eh?): Philly ('course), Sigma Sound Studios (w/small audience), 21/12/1974 (FM).

2. "California": Los Angeles, Record Plant Studios (w/small audience) 5/29/1974; KMET-FM is the source. I don't know though if this show was ever really b'cast because I've NEVER seen it in any collector's list. Six tracks from this show already appeared as bonus tracks on the 1999 re-release of Bridge of Sighs (and BOS reappears here for some reason).

3. "Illinois": Chicago Amphitheatre 12/03/1976. This is the show that King Biscuit Flower Hour recorded and aired a 30 min. portion of back in the day. That radio show is being streamed by Wolfgang's Vault, BTW. Alas, that selection is pretty boring as it contains only tracks that are also featured on the "Live" album which was released just before the autumn 1976 tour along which this show was taped. On this CD here we fortunately get at least other numbers from that show and off the then new "LONG MISTY DAYS" - album. And some are even unique to this CD, such as "Sailing" (an extremely rarely played number), "Same Rain Falls", and the album's title track. "Sailing" and "Long Misty Days" are unique to that tour, AFAIK. Too, these three and "Daydream" have NOT made their rounds in collecting circles yet and are what I was looking forward to most!

4. "Oklahoma": Tulsa, Cain's Ballroom, 12/10/1977, soundboard or radio b'cast.

5. "Missouri": St. Louis, Kiel Auditorium 3/26/1980 FM (don't know the radio station)

FYI, the complete Philly, Tulsa and St. Louis radio b'casts (all run c. an hour, respectively) make their rounds out there in collectorland, though of course in lesser quality.

The first published track listing for the double CD was more interesting IMHO as it contained 27 tracks in total. 3 tracks were to have been from from "Georgia 1974" (Fool & Me, Man o/t World, Sinner's Song). That would have been from Atlanta, Richard's Niteclub, 9/1973 (KZEW-FM). Also, "Messin' The Blues" from Tulsa 1977 was deleted, and BOS from the 1974 Philly show. Since both CDs only run some 50+ minutes there would have been more than enough space to include all of these numbers. Too bad they all got dropped, maybe for sound quality reasons. UGH, still. Grrr!
My, these powers-that-be and their release policies... Thank God, there are collector's circles, hehe! ;-))

Hope my info helps a bit for those who give a four letter word on source details.
BTW, I find the sound quality excellent throughout, but I'm used to 70's recordings. The cover is nice and the liner notes are OK too, though not really a revelation.

Robin ahoy!
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Influential guitarist Robin Trower emerged in the late 1960s as a member of Procol Harum before going on to earn further acclaim as a bandleader. State to State: Live Across America 1974 1980 charts his rise to fame throughout the 1970s, from small clubs to major stadiums.

The collection features 24 previously unreleased live performances recorded in Philadelphia and California (1974), Illinois (1976), Oklahoma (1977) and Missouri (1980). Among the standout tracks are several songs from his gold-certified breakthrough Bridge of Sighs (1974), including "Too Rolling Stoned" and "Day of the Eagle."
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