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am 21. September 2013
I admit I'm at 53% with my Kindle-edition, but I think my review would look much the same when I've finished the book.

Being a fan of Baxter I've read many of his works (though not all), and reading Proxima I was reminded of several ideas, if not key ideas, that were recycled in this story. Be it a notion on vegetaion layers from Evolution, social structuring from Ark, the properties of the planet at hand also from Ark, ship design from Ark, artificial intelligences from Sunstorm (and The Long Earth), time-spacial anomalies and alternative histories from A Time Oddyssey and probably a lot more that I didn't catch on to... well, all of that makes this an interesting story, yet at times I felt like I was thrown into those other stories. For a farily new reader of Baxter this might not matter, but for readers of his other books, especially those with a hang to remember the details, this might be a bit of an annoyance at times. Hence the four stars, instead of five.

Nonetheless I'm entertained, and judging by earlier reviews on the plot I probably won't be disappointed. On a side-note I would like to highlight that having a lot of ideas in a sci-fi book is not a bad idea per se, but with this one, Baxter is on the fringe of overdoing it, blocking the way for the really new stuff. As the title says, this is kind of a best-of.
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am 21. Oktober 2015
This book has some big ideas, but on the whole it is rather stupid.

Most haracters make the reader despise them (or forget them). The action jumps for years or decades sometimes, without any apparent motivation.


If you spend so much money on a colonizing expedition to an extrasolar planet that you almost bankrupt half the world's economy, *why* do you chose (mostly) convicts as colonists which have a > 50% fatality rate just form killing each other? That is just plain stupid, and I hate when the plot of half a book is driven by sheer stupidity.
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am 17. März 2014
Das Buch beginnt spannend mit einer tollen Idee und einem spannendem Character.

Im Rest des Buches sieht man nicht mehr Viel von diesem Handlungsstrang. Die restlichen Charaktere sind Stereotypen, mit immer gleichen und primitiven Entscheidungsstrukturen, Dieses immer gleiche und vorhersehbare Verhalten ist langweilig.

Aufgelockert wird die Handlung durch spannende Konzepte, die aber nicht zu einem wirklichen Ergebnis führen.

Am Ende des Buches taucht der Anfangscharakter wieder auf und wird dann gefühlt mit einer Buchseite zum Abschluss gebracht.
Hätte ich das vorher gewusst, würde ich das Buch nicht gekauft haben.
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am 8. Februar 2014
Elements of Asimov and Heinlein mixed together to make a story with nothing really new in it.
I haven't finished reading all the book because, quite honestly, I found the quality of writing abysmal. I know that Stephen Baxter can do a lot better than this. I can only guess that the book was rushed into publishing before before being properly edited or proofread.
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am 5. Dezember 2014
Es fehlt leider in der Geschichte gänzlich an Spannung. Die Erzählungen schweift oft ins irrelevante aus und die Handlung ist nicht überzeugend.
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