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am 12. August 2013
On a pair programming workshop I asked my instructor for a TDD/BDD book and he directed me to this one. I wanted to get a better understanding of BDD and code refactoring.

While reading the book I took the time and did most of the exercises. It felt like being back in the workshop again.

The first chapter is a quick and valuable review of the core concepts of Javascript: objects & properties.
The second chapter dives right into creating your first specs with Jasmine and you are ready to do your first code kata, if you will.
Chapter 3: How to write readable specs?
Chapter 4: How to organize specs?
Chapter 5: How to write custom matchers?
Chapter 6: How to use stubs?
Chapter 7: How to use mocks?
Chapter 8: What is BDD?
Chapter 9: Where to go from here?
(Every chapter surely has more to offer than answering these questions.)

I wish I came across this book earlier. I could have saved myself so much time researching and reading documentation and blog posts. The author has put a lot of thought into how to present BDD with Javascript to someone who is keen to apply it. In short:

The book will teach you about Behavior Driven Development (BDD) - what it really means and how to use it efficiently in practice.
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