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am 24. August 2013
nicht alle Bücher über das Thema sind leicht zu lesen und verständlich. Der Autor hat viele seiner Erfahrungen beschrieben, und jedes Kapitel widmet sich einen Aspekt der Astralreisen. Am Ende jedes Kapitels gibt es eine Anleitung / Übung. Sehr nützlich. Humor und gesunden Menschenverstand fehlen nicht. Eine schöne Lesestunde. Bemerkenswert ist dass der Autor nicht versucht, auf alles eine Antwort zu geben, sondern vielmehr Anregungen zum Nachdenken liefert.
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am 27. Juli 2000
I have read various books on "Out of Body Experiences" and how to manuals for many years, but few can match this books ability to make the incredible understandable in down to earth style and language. The author comes across very clearly as a regular kind of person, like the rest of us. His writing style makes the unusual an easy read. He shares his own first hand knowledge and experience, not re-cooked information from other books. This is the real thing, I have read too many books about books, or books about others ideas and experiences that this first hand account of these realities is a wonderful breath of fresh air for me. His techniques of how to attain an OBE have suggestions that I have never seen anywhere else. He appears to be a very practical kind of person with his feet firmly on the ground but able to see beyond the sky. If your looking for an OBE book, this is the one you want. I have had a couple of unplanned OBE's and they are as real as real can be, but to do it by the power of your own will is the trick. Once you have had your own OBE there is no question as to this being a reality. Once you have had one you will easily be able to tell the difference between lucid dreams and OBE's, they are distinctly different. I had two unplanned OBE's, but I want to be able to have OBE's at will. This is what I bought this book for. I am just starting with his suggestions on how to consciously transition into an out of body experience, it takes work, but I believe this book has the best and most varied information about many different techniques which can work for most people. I am pleased that this book has a total lack of "New Age" dogma, a welcome change. After reading this book it is obvious that this guy loves science and has that kind of mind, but yet he shows you things that our science is just now scratching the surface on, things that our culture has hardly begun to understand. I AM Chris
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am 9. März 2000
About ten years ago, I went through a period of several weeks when I started having out of body experiences at night after I went to sleep. I had never read or heard of anything like that before. It was during a very "spiritual" time in my life when I was literally praying and seeking God continously every day, all day long. I started waking up in the middle of the night, except that I could see my body in a deep sleep, but my spirit was separate and awake. I didn't understand what was happening. I felt like I was somewhere else in a different dimension, and I felt that I could have gone anywhere, but I never did because I didn't know what was happening. I just kept having those out of body experiences and staying right there in my bedroom next to my body. It was an incredible feeling, but gradually I got busy and stopped praying as much, and the experiences stopped.
This book helped me realize what was happening during that time. I've always hoped to have those experiences again, and now I believe I will.
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am 7. Mai 2000
This book is amazing. I'm just midway through it and I could have already seperated my spirit from my body. When it was about to happen I pulled back. That, though, was enough to make me truly believe. I'm just scared to go further, but I supposed I should read the rest of the book, perhaps it will help me conquer my fears aswell. If a book can have this much effect half way through it then it is truly amazing. I recommend it to anyone with the slightest believe in OBEs. I would have written a review when I have finished the book, but I just couldn't wait. It is that good.
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am 2. Juni 2000
I read this book in 1997. It's simple, clear, with lots of exercises, easily understood and it worked for me! One morning I awoke in my bed (I have been giving auto-suggestion to my mind for an OBE for about a week). This morning, I went to the toilet, came back, and sensing my mind was still in alpha level, I quiet my mind a while, just sitting there meditating. Then i lay down to sleep... the next thing i knew i was awaken by this shaking and rocking (it felt as if my bed was like a boat in the sea). I was feeling dizzy yet awake. I thought "hey this is what the author said about the 'vibrations' before he had an OBE!" I got scared and yanked myself back into full consciousness by coming awake and the shaking just disappeared... I guess I just wasn't ready for it. Nowadays, I get dream experiences that are really vivid, and where I was THINKING ANALYTHICALLY in my dream! Just today, I dreamed I got up and walked to my living rooom and kitchen to make a cup of tea (I never take breakfast at home)... later, when I was awake, I made a cup of tea exactly like in the dream, and ONLY AFTER i drank the tea that I remembered I did that in my dream just a while ago! PREMONITORY DREAMING? To prove this is not just a coincidence, another time I had a dream I was photocopying some documents and I got a card that wasnt mine. After I woke up, my sis asked me to go photocopy something with her, abnd there we found a missing card with credits in it! Well, the author mentioned that ESP experiences come with the exercises in the book, he was right!
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am 15. Mai 2000
Having been a "spiritual student" most of my life, I found this book very interesting... the techniques given are for those who have the discipline to do them with diligence. It is a "beginner's book" that does the job well! For those who want to go a step further, and explore the many more dimensions of the reality of the "inner worlds" there is another author which wrotes more than a dozen books on the subject... yet with a "step further approach": He goes much beyond astral travel (a limited form of exploring the inner worlds), and explain way of moving completeley outside the MEST universe (Matter-Energy-Space-Time). It's called Soul Travel. He recall some of his experience in "Soul Travellers of the Far Country." Another author is Paul Twitchell who wrote in "The Tiger's Fang" an absolutely incredible voyage to the heart of creation! A must for aspiring "spiritual student"!
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am 8. Januar 2000
Most books of this type cover a lot of history, anecdotal information, and, while interesting, don't tell you enough about how to actually accomplish it. Bob Peterson tells you how. He has examined the process closely and if you follow his directions you will be able to do it.
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am 18. März 1999
The "How to have them" section leaves a lot to be desired. The "What to expect" portions are pretty good. One of the better books, overall, on the topic that I have read.
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am 22. Juli 1998
When Peterson started experimenting with Out of Body Experiences and achieving results, he was simply a curious reader with limited time but willing to progress. It is this approach of simplicity which makes Peterson different. He has now successfully managed to transform his approach to his writing. Peterson describes in detail his reactions to his first projection and even explores his religious beliefs vs. astral projection. A popular book waiting to be discovered.
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am 13. Oktober 1999
I loved it. Personally, this was the first book I read about OBEs... boy did it get me hooked! Bob Peterson is a great writer and has a nice format to the book. At the end of every chapter there is an excercise so you can gradually go along. This book didn't help me go OOB, it just helped with a lot of the fears and made me really want to leave. Great book...
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