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4,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 10. Dezember 1997
Any parent who has read this book will tell you that it can move you to tears. What makes this an outstanding book is that it uses science in a magical way. It is an inclusive book -- regardless of one's values and the place of religion in one's family life, this book fits in neatly. Since it does not make relationship associations, it can be read to children whether they are your birth child, adopted, foster child, grandchild, godchild or friend. The tone of the text provides positive affirmation of a person's individuality. It is written for babies, but can apply to everyone regardless of age. It does not condescend, either by tone or language. The use of paper illustrations with their clean, bold lines and colors captures and holds my 18-month-old daughter's attention every time we read it, making it easy for her to point out various shapes and objects. It is easy to read this one many times without becoming tedious. I applaud Debra Frasier for her effective celebration of life. If you are a book giver, and looking for a gift for a new baby, or even a toddler, this is an excellent choice. Or even if you are a grandparent, or just have small children visit you, what an excellent addition to your own library this book will be.
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am 1. März 2000
My 2 year old has never been interested in this book, and he loves to be read to. If I pick it up, he usually pushes it aside and grabs another one. I think the problem is that the pictures are abstract and not really representative of the words. Toddlers and babies like to be able to recognize objects on a page. This book doesn't feature animals they know (dog, cat, lion, fish) but instead shows exotic animals even I'm not familiar with (arctic tern). Also, the people in the book don't have faces, which are interesting to babies and toddlers. If you want a touching story that your baby or toddler will also appreciate, I would recommend "Love You Forever" instead.
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am 3. September 1999
This book filled me with awe and reverence... for the mircale of birth, yes...but, much more: for all the incredible creation around us, and the incredible creations we ALL are...I've just read this book...and will be reading it often in the future, I'm sure...It's a lovely book for welcoming newborns and for children to help them see their place in the world...BUT...my first copy will be a gift to a friend who will be 69 this week-end! It is a perfect expression of gladness and thanksgiving for the life of anyone you love and care about! I'm sure many relatives and friends will be getting copies from me soon!
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This loving memory of the beginning of life is an instant heirloom. I read the book to Elizabeth, my first grandchild, when she was fifteen hours old. Tiny, with little hands clinched and eyes screwed shut, she and I laughed and cried thru the outstanding prose. We loved the pictures, so fanciful, clever and clear. Now we read the book together, and she asks me, "Were you really there Pappie?" and I proudly reply "You bet, Elizabeth, It was the greatest moment of my life!" If your looking for a memory, buy this book and read it to a kid. The rewards are immediate.
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am 13. Mai 1999
I bought this beautiful book during one of my first trips out of the house with my newborn daughter. I first read it in the store-- given that my daughter's birth was SO fresh in my mind, and the fact that she was strapped to my chest gazing up at me, caused tears of nostalgic joy to spring to my eyes. All new mothers and babies should read this book together; I envision reading this with my daughter many, many times in the years to come. Each time I pick it up I am instantly transported to that magical moment in which she entered my world . .
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am 24. Juli 1998
The first time I saw this book I was at a book store shopping for a gift for my new little nephew. I was initially attracted to the title and the artistry. I turned the pages, reading in anticipation of the day *he* was born, I turned the final page, and read the last line. I will tell you that tears welled up in my eyes. I have bought this book for every new life ever since. How happy I was to receive this book for a gift for my little son this past February.
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This has been a favorite baby gift to several people - the most fun were those signed by Debbie herself! I now am going to be a
GRANDMOTHER (!!!) and am looking forward
to reading this to my grandchild. If Debbie sees
this I'd love your autograph again. But more
important, people I never dreamed - cried when
they read this very poignant (?) and beautiful
book. Well done Debbie - hope to
yours. Thank you! Ellen Barnes
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am 23. August 1998
My kids ask to have this read to them every night. I was lucky enough to pick up my first copy at a thrift store and had tears in my eyes in the store. I have purchased this book for several friends, and I think I will soon need a new copy for our collection since ours is getting VERY READ. Wonderful and Lyrical the kids now read it to me....and tears still well up in my eyes. A must get for any new parent.
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am 29. Juli 1999
Reading this book is a joyful way to celebrate and honor the birth of a child! The text and illustrations are magical and educational, too! My son received two copies of this book when he was born, and now we are sharing it with our daughter. We read this book so often that I recently had a dream about it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who cherishes our children and their place in the world.
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am 17. Juli 1998
This book was a baby gift from some of our dearest friends, and everyone in our family loves it. My husband loves its use of science; I love the lyrical language and the way it shows how the child fits into the wonderful mystery of the earth; and my 2-year-old son just wants to hear it over and over. Our copy is all ripped up from heavy use, and I'm buying another one to save for when he's older.
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