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am 29. Oktober 2013

• 240 pages
• release date - 28 October - 2013
• New Adult Romance


Stephanie is a film student in NYC - ever since she left her hometown, and all that happened there, she hides behind this tough Goth-persona. She wears black clothes, black boots, black nail polish.
On her way to a summer screenwriting class she runs into Ethan - well, runs into - as in crashes into - Ethan. A pretty hot preppy-looking student. They start talking and insulting each other with the obvious prejudices about their looks.

As it turns out they both were headed to the same class. And, they end up as partners for the summer screenwriting project.
Ethan only took this class because he didn't want to intern at his Dad's firm again this summer - because he doesn't want to run into people who would remind him of a few horrible events he witnessed these last weeks. Like his girlfriend and his best friend having sex - with each other!

Stephanie is kind of homeless for the summer - she needs a place to stay.

She's moving in with Ethan, because they start their own little project within the school project. They decide to write their own version of the Pygmalion theme. The Pretty Woman - She's All That kind of thing where a guy 'creates' a woman he then falls in love with.

Ethan wants Stephanie to pose as his girlfriend. After he makes her get a make-over, of course. No goth on Park Avenue!
He wants his mom to stop wanting to get him back together with his ex Olivia. And he thinks Stephanie is the perfect choice, because he and she SO don't fit together. There's no danger of them falling in love for real. At least he thinks so at first, but there are lots of sparks flying between those two.

Will there be a fairy tale ending for Stephanie and Ethan? Or does he only use her to get back at his ex?

I'm not telling you, of course ☺
I don't want to spoil your reading pleasure ☺

♥ but YES - of course there will be a HAPPY END ♥


I couldn't stop reading - I finished it in one afternoon.
It was sooo funny and cute and romantic and moving.
Ethan is sooo cute - he seems to be this superficial Wasp-ish Park Avenue/Hampton's boy - but he's much deeper than that. He has lots of pain stuffed deep inside and only with Stephanie he can finally start to open up.
And Stephanie - this tough goth girl ☺ She's just a cute sad and broken Cheerleader deep inside. She never talked with anybody about what happened back home. But she trusts Ethan.
Those 2 are sooo adorable together - so funny!!!

They want each other, but they know that it doesn't seem possible for such different personas to end up together... but on the way to their HEA - there are MOMENTS - pheww - sexy kissing moments ♥

The only thing I didn't like about it?? IT WAS TOO SHORT!! I would've loved to read a real full length novel with lots more details and maybe lots more erotic scenes ;) - it wasn't a novella or anything really short - but I would've loved to spend more time with Ethan and Stephanie :)

If you like fresh, sweet and funny Romances - this is the book for you!!!
0Kommentar|War diese Rezension für Sie hilfreich?JaNeinMissbrauch melden
am 2. Juli 2014
Super geschrieben. Angehnem flüßig zu lesen. Die Story leicht vorhersehbar, entwikelt aber richtig Tiefe so das das eigene Herz schon mal mitfiebert. Ich konnte es kaum aus der Hand legen.
0Kommentar|War diese Rezension für Sie hilfreich?JaNeinMissbrauch melden
am 11. Februar 2014
Stephanie's and Ethan's motivations might not be completely convincing, but their romance still kept me reading. I liked the Pygmalion reference. Entertaining!
0Kommentar|War diese Rezension für Sie hilfreich?JaNeinMissbrauch melden
am 21. Oktober 2014
I totally love it! A really good written book. I completely lost myself in the story
Everything I`d wished for! <3<3<3
0Kommentar|War diese Rezension für Sie hilfreich?JaNeinMissbrauch melden
am 6. Januar 2015
I loved the book I just could not stop reading
Little upset I is already over
Read book in 2 days
0Kommentar|War diese Rezension für Sie hilfreich?JaNeinMissbrauch melden

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