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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen

am 31. August 2014
Graham Nash's story moves along at a rapid pace. He's got a lot to tell and he does it well. As you might expect, there's a great deal in here about Crosby, Stills and Nash (CSN) and Young and their ups and downs but it's also very interesting to read about Nash's early experience as a member of the Hollies and his more recent activities as a solo artist and a political activist.

Moving to the US in the late sixties, Nash rapidly became part of the Laurel Canyon scene setting up home with Joni Mitchell and making contact with other creative spirits. His description of his first meeting with David Crosby and Steve Stills and the way they began singing together is quite fascinating. He and Crosby became very close friends and Nash tells a harrowing story of Crosby's decline into dependence on drugs and drink which almost ended fatally. Fortunately Crosby survived and CSN continue to perform now and again most recently in 2013.

Highly recommended.
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am 3. November 2013
My wife and me went to London on October the 6th with tickets in our pockets for the CSN Concert at RAH for October 8th. In the morning of the concert we've heard that GN will be signing his autobiography in some Record store in Londontown, which in the end was Rough Mix RS somewhere Liverpool Station nearby Bricklanes. Up we went, bought a book and were ready to meet GN. The moment I saw him, reminded me on my first two Albums I bought in the early seventies, which used to be Abbey Road and Deja Vu. There he was in real time, looking like an average person, no bodyguard or anything of the today's bulls***. As I walked toward him, we shaked hands and I called him Mr Nash. He immediately replied and told me to call him Graham. We had a little chat took a few pictures and next was on its way. I stayed in the store for a while, and could witness a conversation that made me laugh and gave me a little more to know about the personality of GN. In a short break, while he was talking to some older Fans, a young woman aged maybe 20 asked him if he was working in the store and might help her to get a special cd she was looking for. He answered her yes he was working in the shop but could not realy help her in that special case but would like to ask his assistance in the shop to give a helping hand.
The evening came and we had a ball in the Albert Hall. What a place and what musicians !!! They nearly played a 3h set. And if you were closing your eyes, you might have thought to be back in the heydays of R&R. They proved to be one of the true legends of popular music and deserved every hand the enthusiastic audience that night was willing to give.
Back home in good old Germany, I red the book in just a few days. And it was worth every single page. In the end I was looking back to the frontpages where he had signed his autograph and a little message for us and our daughter Luise..."Hope you teached Luise well"....Yes we did GRAHAM. Thanks for the book and thanks for the music.
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am 31. Oktober 2014
Hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Spannend und offensichtlich recht ehrlich geschrieben, ohne viel Allüren und Selbstbeweihräucherung. Erfrischende Alternative zu Youngs Bio, die ich nach 100 Seiten genervt uind gelangweilt abgelegt hab.
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am 22. März 2014
Wesentlich besser und spannender als Neil Young's Wagging Heavy Peace. Ich glaube auuch, dasss wenig "ghostgewritered" wurde. Sehr amüsant; wer sich für Classic Rock ineressiert, kommt da nicht vorbei.
Der fehlende Stern : die Verknüpfung mit den AAudio datein iist nicht möglich. Sonst wär's ein *****
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am 28. September 2013
As one would suspect from a superb songwriter and photographer this a work of quality written in an easy but literary style. Funny but also profound when that is needed.

A rather amazing tale of a guy born and raised in utter poverty in postwar UK and then realizing his teenage dream and more with The Hollies before being turned on by the likes of David Crosby and Mama Cass to mindexpanding drugs and the hippie lifestyle.

We get the intimate story of his failed love relationship to Joni Mitchell, the wild and crazy times surronded by lots of gorgous and willing girls, the snorting of insane amounts of coke and the total downfall of Crosby in the 80s. And some interesting reflections on Neil Young and his erratic, selfish behavior that might unsettle some fans of St. Neil. On the other hand he paints a lot more sympathetic pic of Stills than Crosby does in his two autobiographical books.

The only problem is that book is too short, the time from Crosby's return from jail up to now being very fragmentarily dealt with. As if albums like "Live It Up", "After The Storm", "Looking Forward" did not exist not to mention the brilliant Crosby and Nash.

All in all a wonderful book and not only a must-have for CSN(Y) fans but for everyone reflecting on the rock life, the enviroment and the muse of pure Music.
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