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am 4. Juni 2013
This book guides coaches, consultants, and freelance professionals through a structured, easy-to-follow and well-thought-out process for starting up or building out their business.

What I like particularly well is the Michael's emphasis on building a foundation first instead of jumping directly at ill-advised marketing tactics.

The foundation starts with identifying a very narrowly focused target customer segment that we resonate with and where we can provide exceptional value-add ("Red Velvet Rope Policy"). Then, clearly spelling out the value-add we provide ("Why People Buy What You're Selling"). Based on that, we define our personal brand and develop talking points that we can use flexibly in a different conversation contexts to talk about what we do in a friendly, natural way - no rigid, boring elevator pitch!

Once, this foundation has been laid, then it makes sense to talk about efforts to build trust and credibility, to define pricing and product structure, and, finally, to start self-promotion activities.

The book guides readers through this process with easy-to-understand explanations and inspiring worksheets.

Owners of the book can also fill out the worksheets through the free iPad app or the browser-based app that's available at [...]

So kudos to the author for outstanding content and to the illustrator for a great and inspiring design that helps a lot to communicate the contents!

The only criticism I have goes to the publisher: the hardcopy book is really hard to use physically: it's heavy as a brick, with cheap binding, a soft cover, and in landscape format.

As a result, it does not lay flat open - and due to the cheap binding, I dare not force the pages to lie flat. The only way to read this book is by putting it on a table - it is unusable for reading in your lap due to the floppy cover.

In addition, while the landscape format seems to be fashionable right now, it is dysfunctional for this book: the book is designed for the reader to look at both pages at the same time - the right-hand page shows illustrations or worksheets, while the left-hand page has text explaining the concepts used on the right-hand page. However, due to the landscape format, one cannot comfortably look at both pages at the same time - especially given the small font that is used for all text.
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am 26. November 2013
Spannend, interessant, gut gemacht und übersichtlich aufgebaut. Auch für Nicht Native speaker einfach zu lesen und verständlich in der Beschreibung.
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am 20. Juni 2015
Ein Klassiker jetzt mit einem sehr guten grafischen Konzept. Das Buch sollte jeder, der als Selbstständiger oder Kleinunternehmer sein Geld verdienen will, mehrmals gelesen haben. Es ist die Anleitung zu modernem Marketing ohne große Investitionen. Es hat mich sehr inspiriert, auch wenn Kritiker sagen würden, es ich "nichts Neues". Dennoch ist die kompakte Aufbereitung im Stile eines Workshops extrem hilfreich.
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