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4,3 von 5 Sternen

am 22. Januar 2017
Lonely Planet Bücher sind einfach meine Lieblings-Reiseführer. Sie sind übersichtlich gestaltet und beinhalten vor allem auch Tips für den kleinen Geldbeutel.
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am 5. Januar 2016
Fast delivery and all according to the description on the product page.
Great seller, would definitely buy from them again.
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am 29. August 2014
Super guide for peru. We had All we Need when travelling peru. Guide was accurat and gave us lots of tips.
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am 24. Oktober 2015
My experiences are based on the visit of Cusco, Machu Picchu, Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley) and Iquitos with a tour in the jungle.

Reasons to buy:
- the only travelguide with informations about the public transport to travel around the country (how to get to a city or to a touristic destination)
- the first pages provide a good and realistic overview about the country (the highlights with the coloured pictures)

Reasons not to buy:
- Lonely Planet states: "No. one bestselling guide to Peru". A bestselling guide with last update more than two and a half year ago? That's poor. In Iquitos some recommended restaurants didn't exist anymore

- Wrong information about visiting Machu Picchu from Cusco for independent travellers. On page 231 there is written: " The only way to reach Aguas Calientes (and access Machu Picchu) is via train."
Cusco is reachable by public transport without booking anything in a travel agency or using the train from Cusco. It's not true that Aguas Calientes is just reachable from Cusco by train, I would have expected a description how to get to Aguas Calientes without booking in a travel agency and not using the train. I had to go to the official tourist information to ask about that. They gave me a map and showed me which collectivos (small buses) I should take and where I have to change the collectivos (stopover in Santa Maria and Santa Teresa).
Bye the way, the Tourist information was at the wrong place at the lonely planet map.

- The information about Aguas Calientes isn't enough. The queues (waiting lines) for the busses from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu are extreme long. We waited there alsmost 90 minutes. That information was missing, but it's important to have this information if considering to take the bus or to walk to Machu Picchu.

- I'm sure that just budget travellers use Lonely Planet. Why are there so many recommendations for expensiv hotels and restaurants??? Even in Cusco a good midrange hotel isn't more expensive than 100 Soles (even 100 Soles are pretty much for midrange). But there are advises for expensive hotels and restaurants.

- In Iquitos are so many travel agencies which offer a guided tour in the rainforest. Most of them are approaching customers in the streets in an aggressive and annoying way. Some more recommendations about this travel agencies would be nice. Just a view lodges are suggested to have a wildlife eperience around Iquitos. That's not enough for a book which is advertised as "No. one bestselling guide to Peru"
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am 15. Juli 2013
Ich kaufe mir immer den Lonely Planet. Dieser Reiseführer ist einfach am besten geeignet, wenn man mit dem Rucksack reist und sich die Unterkünfte und Fortbewegungsmittel selber organisieren muss.

Es wird auch jede noch so kleine Stadt kurz beschrieben, dann findet man einen Stadtplan vom Zentrum, danach Unterkünfte (kurz beschrieben, Preisinformation, W-lan usw), empfohlene Restaurants, Cafes, Touristeninformationen, Bus- und Bahnshöfe ...

Immer wieder gerne.
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am 5. Januar 2017
Reiselustige die gerne viel von einem Land sehen werden Lonely Planets eh schon kennen - ein super Reiseführer mit vielen Informationen, nur die etwas raren Fotos sind ein klitzekleiner Abzug.
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