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am 13. März 2013
Matt's book makes a lot of sense. It is a call to stop abusing our bodies, stop dieting & stop obsessing & Stop feeling guilty. After 10 days into following his advice I feel free! I stopped weighing myself & stopped beating myself up & completely stopped having any cravings!
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am 5. März 2014
Although I recommend to read absolutely everything by Matt Stone, this is the ultimate guide for you if you want/need to break out of your diet/Paleo/low-carb/low-fat/over-exercising prison. You will learn how the human metabolism works, why under-eating and over-exercising makes you ill, depressed, and ultimately fat, and of course what you can do to fix this. Matt Stone has changed my life, and chances are, he will change yours! You will learn to fix your metabolism and create a healthy relationship with food. Stone's down-to-earth style of writing and wit is another bonus, too. Unlike other self-proclaimed gurus out there, Stone has actually done the research, and I completely trust his advice. Throw away all your "diet" books, don't buy any more women's magazines, and forget about diet gurus, nutritionists, personal trainers, and doctors! All you need for ultimate health and happiness is in this precious little guide!
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am 28. Juli 2013
Dass man durch ewige Diäten den Stoffwechsel völlig aus der Bahn wirft und dem Körper erst mal zeigen muss, dass er auf das dauerhafte Ende der "Notzeiten" vertrauen kann, ist hinglänglich bekannt. Sehe die Ratschläge trotzdem mit großer Skepsis.
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