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am 22. Juli 2015
Great story. For us in this century an unusual form. The small-text-translations are useful, but is probably computer generated, and could have been more intelligently applied. Hence only 4 stars.
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am 20. April 2016
If I'd checked the reviews I'd have seen that this is a translation. I didn't, so this version is rather useless for me. The quality of the print etc seems to be good as ever though, and the size is nice.
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am 24. August 2013
The translation is quite sufficient, and it is a nice addition to my vatious editions of the Canterbuty Tales. At the price it is super in e-book form and every student of Middle English should enjoy it.

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am 4. Dezember 2015
A terrific classic book I will always enjoy reading again and again and again and again and again and again and again
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am 19. Oktober 2015
I am satisfied with the product. The book was as described. Shipping and handling occurred quickly. I contacted the seller and they replied quickly with an appropriate answer.
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am 16. Januar 2014
The Canterbury Tales sind einfach ein Klassiker der englischen Mittelalterliteratur: lustig, lehrreich, innovativ. Diese Geschichten eignen sich gut für alle, die am englischen Mittelalter interessiert sind, da sie ein wunderbares Bild der damaligen Geschellschaft, Sitten und Kultur zeichnen.
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am 3. Oktober 2015
The perfect companion for all history enthusiasts is the ROMA VICTRIX WINE BEAKER Roma Victrix Wein Becher

The pleasure of this book lies in the double bonus of the ever green stories of Chaucer together with the wonderful selection of illustrations drawn from contemporary, medieval illuminated manuscripts.

I know that Cresset is a publisher for the mass market but this edition is particularly attractive and I think very collectable. There is an excellent introduction by John Wain and an apposite foreword by Melvyn Bragg while the text is Chaucer but with old English given an understandable and very readable translation by the great Chaucer authority, Nevill Coghill.

This particular volume is not a text for university study but is a volume for pleasurable and bedtime reading. It returns me to the humour and the wisdom of Chaucer and reminds me that there are so many English expressions from Chaucer which we still use today - for example, keeping mum, or many a true word said in jest, or rotten apples spoiling all in the barrel. We are reminded of the richness of the English language, the debt we owe to Chaucer and the freshness of these 14th century tales.

This particular edition is worth acquiring ( readily available) and adding to one's book treasures. It is a very beautiful book. The illustrations are well matched to the text and repay close study. If you have never read Chaucer or if you read Chaucer as a chore, take another look and give yourself the treat of a classic of literature in a lovely format
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am 18. April 2017
Da es hier wohl mehr um die Ausgabe geht, als um den Inhalt, muss man sagen, dass die Penguin Books Edition leider nicht sehr überzeugend ist. Leider ist das Papier (wie so oft bei englischen Büchern) sehr billig und selbst der Schutzumschlag aus sehr weichem Karton. Das Cover sieht ganz gut aus, aber alles in allem wird dieses Buch im Schrank keine Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen.

Um diesen Preis aber zu rechtfertigen und als Studienobjekt perfekt nutzbar.
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In the Canterbury Tales Chaucer tells the story of a pilgrimate to Canterbury where the pilgrims, in order to pass the time during their long walk, tell each other various stories. The party consists of such different characters as a knight, a miller, a prioress, a merchant etc. and each of them has a slightly different way of storytelling.
Thanks to PenguinŽs superb footnotes that not only explain lots of medieval English words and their meaning but also give a detailed survey of the conventions of the Middle Ages, the English is surprisingly easy to understand and suddenly the Middle Ages donŽt seem to be such a faraway era anymore. I am not a native speaker, so I cheated a little and got myself the German translation of the Canterbury Tales as well and read them in turns, otherwise I am afraid I might have missed some important points... I found it quite an exhausting read, but at the same time I enjoyed it immensely!
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am 14. Mai 2007
The Canterbury Tales are best heard aloud before being read. I like the Recorded Books version. With commentary by Professor Murphy and talented actors, the various tales come appealingly alive. Chaucer's Middle English has its archaic words explained, and leaves the beauty of the meter and rhymes intact.

The tales explore primarily relations between men and women, people and God, and consistently challenge hypocrisy. The tales also exemplify all the major story forms in use during the Middle Ages.

The book's structure is unbelievable subtle and complex, providing the opportunity to peel the onion down to its core, one layer at a time. Modern anthologies look awfully weak by comparison.

Although the material is old, the ideas are not. You will also be impressed by how much closer God was to the lives of these people than He is today. The renunciation at the end comes as a mighty jolt, as a result.

My favorites are by the miller, wife of Bath, pardoner, and nun's priest.

Where do you see the opportunity to give and share spiritual and worldly love? How can you give and receive more love?
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