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am 16. Oktober 2013
"Time Killer" by Todd M. Thiede is a terrific crime thriller concerning a serial killer that targets people who in his own words "have wasted his time".
The opening sequence is well done as the newest victim, a policeman himself, wakes up tied up and muted to witness the brutal murder of his family. The premise of "who would do that because of time" is a fascinating one and one that did engage me from the beginning.
The theme of "time is money" is prevailing in our modern way of life and in this regard the book is a moral tale on our times, the lack of consideration for others that can be a by-product of the pressures of modern life.

Now to the other side: Investigating Detective Max Larkin, top of the class and a somewhat loner in the police force, is being teamed up with beautiful and clever Jesse, a match not made in heaven. Rest assured however that this is not your usual taming of the shrew chemistry, both characters have more strings to their character than meets the eye at first and their developing relationship is one of the many strong points of the book.
As the killer continues to punish and kill we, the readers, finally get to meet the person behind the killing, which is perfectly timed to change the dynamics of the writing and make for a continued interest in the story.
Thiede does a great job at juggling the issues in the lives of the investigators and the investigation itself. Paced perfectly and edited sharply this book never runs out of steam until the big finale.

This is a remarkable first book in a series in that it goes well beyond the setting up of the characters, the original idea for the book is exactly that, highly original, and unlike many helpings of the genre Thiede does not copy currently popular forensic TV programmes and bore us with DNA matches and other hat tricks. This is solidly written with the use of a variety of tools of the trade which includes a more logical and deductive investigation.

I really enjoyed this book and can honestly recommend it to fans of the genre and people who have not read a good crime story for a while. This is a good one to get you started on it. Very entertaining.
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am 18. Oktober 2013
Max Larkin, a Rockton Police Department detective, is faced with a challenge of his life in this thriller. He's in hot pursuit of a serial killer who is devastating Max's hometown, and time is running out.

The first character introduced in "Time Killer" is Stephen Bjornson, and the setting is what should be the safe haven of the home that Stephen created with his wife Gwen and their children. But on that dramatic night, his home is far from safe. Stephen wakes up to find himself taken hostage by a man in a dark ski mask. He and his wife are prisoners in their own home.

While Stephen's fate is terrifying, he is not the only victim of the deranged killer. And no place is immune from his vicious attacks, not even the city hospital. Detective Max Larkin has never worked as hard or as feverishly to catch a criminal, and it's up to him to return peace and quiet to Rockton.

This novel is gripping, frightening, and intense. The fast pace of the story is intensified by the author's use of the present tense that keeps the events immediate, as if they are unfolding in real time. Chapters of this novel measure time in hours because every hour can mean a difference between life and a new death.
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am 25. Oktober 2013
As soon as you begin the opening page of this novel it grips you and hangs on tightly until the very last page.
I don't usually read detective novels involving serial killers but this book has seriously made me reconsider my reading material.
The evil mind of the killer Mike/Tom is realistic and filled with malevolent thoughts which draw the reader into his creepy world.
The detectives investigating the murders are believable and engaging as we watch them piece the mystery together.
The pace of the novel matches the desperation of the police as they close in on their killer, trying to prevent him striking again.
The details of his crimes made me squirm but were totally necessary for the realism of this tale.
You seriously won't regret purchasing this book; a great find.
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am 4. Mai 2014
All in all, I liked the book, it was a nice "time killer":P
The plot was interesting and the ideas well made.
But there are some reasons to give only 3 stars:
The first star goes away because of the VERY simple language, its straigt and one-sided. So if you like nice and big descriptions you are definitley not getting them in this story.
The second is lost due to the "pressing" in the end: First of all, the spark of "romace" (jessy and a vitness) that seemed forced ...for the sake of just HAVING some romance in it it seemed. And second the secret of Max' past. For me, that was very plump and was there just to have a twist of turns and a better way to solve the case.
Therefore, only 3 deserved stars :)
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am 23. Oktober 2013
I thought this book would be just another boring detective story. You know how it goes: someone kills someone, then a boring cop goes through clues and finds killer.
But WOW! I was proved wrong! This isn't your typical mystery/detective story. Todd M. Thiede puts you in the murderer's shoes with unbiased sympathy and other touching emotions, and the feeling just continues from that point. The murder scenes are where Thiede excels the most. You can literally feel your world changing around you with a primitive sense of being part of the story. The two detectives in the story are anything but typical. This story made me think about my whole life, and I'll tell you this: I SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO NEVER WASTE ANYONE'S TIME AGAIN.
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am 14. August 2014
well, sometimes one finds a jewel among the the low cost books for kindle. This one, to me, definitively wasn't. the language was not only simple, but annoying, the present-time of the storytelling very unnerving.
The dialogues are mostly very obvious and do not sound natural. The storyline was promising, but it is so improbable, that with all those killings there never is a mistake or a forensic trace... how comes that the perpetrator is at the same time seemingly totally nuts and highly organized? The detectives are not really coming to life.... I am not even sure why I finished reading it, it was kind of forseeable in the end...
sorry to say so, but a real thriller thrills much more... two stars for the idea.
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am 11. Oktober 2013
This is a cool, dark police procedural reminiscent of a David Fincher movie like 'Seven' or 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.' The set-up is intriguing: a serial killer is eliminating time wasters. The investigation is from the perspective of an edgy male detective and an attractive female cop. Author Todd Thiede avoids cliches through canny characterizations. Max Larkin and Jesse Fairlane are fully rounded, interesting creations that feel like real people. The story is told in the first person which lends an intensity and immediacy to the proceedings. Larkin is a compelling protagonist and could be the basis for a franchise. I look forward to more books from this talented author.
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am 20. Oktober 2013
Compelling story! At times, this book takes you roughly through the ringer, it shakes you, questions you and throws you against the wall. It is violent, thrilling and fast. The author has crafted a powerful murder mystery that wallows in the grit. And Larkin (the cop) is a hard, tough and fantastic character who I hope appears in many books to come! Time Killer by Todd Thiede is a killer book! Highly recommended 5-stars
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am 14. Oktober 2013
Capturing my attention from the outset, Time Killer didn't let it go. After a bit of difficulty, Max and Jesse get it together to wisely use their time in tracking a killer that abhors any real or perceived waste of his time. The well-developed characters pull the reader into their realm to create a story of suspense that will satisfy the most demanding reader. Bravo Mr. Thiede! Bring on the next one.
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am 19. November 2013
Slick, dangerous and thrilling -- Todd Theide's "Time Killer" presents a somewhat known scenario with a new sick twist. With twist after twist that you won't see coming, this is a rollercoaster ride of emotion, violence and terror.
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