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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 5. Juni 2013
A great overview of 3D printing technologies, their history and their potentials for a more than reasonable price!

If you are generally interested in 3D printing without a certain knowledge about this topic, this eBook might be the right choice. If you already know a lot about 3D printing, this book is a great consumption of many things you might have heard of, and furthermore an inspiration for what you can do next with your own 3D printer.

Christopher D. Winnan describes the basis in printing, scanning and modeling with many examples for available (free and low cost) products. In many examples he shows up, what is possible with 3D printing today, and gives a critical view on the economical and social impact and potential of this technology.
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am 9. Mai 2013
Delivers a very interesting and entertaining (lots of examples and good explanations) introduction regarding 3d printing - the book does not only focus on the essentials of the printing itself but also connected areas including market places, 3d scanning, 3d modeling tools/cad. Each topic is described by introducing (actual) basic technologies (formats, handling...) as well as examples regarding software or hardware solutions. A large part of the book contributes interesting and creative ideas on how to become a part of the "maker community" - for fun or to make money (both is possible too :-P).
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