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am 9. Februar 1999
First of all I must admit that I am a Christian and I've been a student of "A Course in Miracles (ACIM)" for the past year. I received CWG Book 3 in the mail one day and decided to read it. To my amazement I read it in two days.
I enjoyed reading the book and I do believe it can be helpful, but I became deeply concerned when "God" referred to "her" inspiring Helen Shucman, the scribe of "A Course in Miracles". Honestly, these two books ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Yes, both emphasize love, forgivene and one with all, but the course in miracles emphasizes that we constantly choose between the voice of God and the voice we created - the Ego. ACIM (A Course in Miracles) even states that God didn't create our bodies and that God can only create that which is eternal. So if these books were inspired by the same God, how come one God is HORNY and the other isn't. Believe me, "God" in this book basically told me that he isn't "God", but is actually the "Ego as described in the Course in Miracles."
I noticed that "God" in Book3 wanted us to be free to practice sexuality as we pleased. According to A Course in Miracles, God does even consider our bodies to be real so why would he/she be so fascinated with sex. Furthermore, ACIM rejects the concept of reincarnation. So, regardless of what you believe the spirit that inspired this book LIED when it said it inspired "A Course in Miracles."
This book makes for interesting reading, but it emphasizes the soul instead of the mind where change needs to take place. I don't mean to judge, but act as you chose.
My last great gripe with this book is that it doesn't warn people of the dangers of dabbling in the spirit world without the guidance of the holy spirit. ACIM clearly states that evil spirits are unreal shadows that we've created. They can possess the lower mind, but they can never touch the higher mind. Once again, why would God want us channeling or playing with something dangerous without warning us?
The spirit of the anti-Christ is growing and preparing to make its presence known on the earth. Finally, rememeber the scripture in Revalations states that the "Beast will be able to call fire down from heaven as Elijah did in the Old Testament and do many miracles". IN fact, many of the very elect shall be decieved. Please email me if you'd like to further discuss this.
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am 24. Juli 1998
All of the people who harshly criticize this book are so lost in their own petty thoughts that they fail to realize truth even when it is placed right in front of them. "Neale" asks stupid questions," they all say. When in fact, he asks just the right questions. What do you want him to ask?? What his favorite color is, or to more thoroughly explain the E=mc2 theory? Obviously the most important questions would pertain to personal life, why we are here and our relationship to God. Moreover, other critics briefly skim the book and then criticize God for speaking in layman's terms or for using incorrect English. Did you snobs ever think that ANY concept is easier to learn if the verbiage is not as complex? Is God "too good" to come down to the level of the average person and speak his or her language? And for crying out loud, God did not say "I don't like alcohol," he said the body was not meant to intake it. Is that too hard fo! r you critics to understand? He did not forbid anyone to take it, nor did he make a value judgement on it. He only stated that in its original form, the body (mind) would ultimately function better (if just a little better) without it. Then I see critics saying God is contradicting himself, because he wrote the Bible. Hello, God did not write the Bible, MAN did, and edited it at his will. There ARE truths in the bible, but mostly mythologies and biased interpretations. And for those of you that would say, "Well, the bible has been believed by TONS of people for thousands of years," did you know that at one time, nearly the entire world believed the earth was flat, until one man found the real truth, which MADE SENSE (like this book), but everyone STILL refused to believe him, and actually persecuted him for making sense. Lastly, this is not some "God says do whatever you want so isn't that great, we will all now go out and rape, loot and pillage" boo! k. He only states that he gave us all true freedom in that! he himself would never set out to punish us for something we did. He DESIRES that we improve, as he would like us to be happy. But besides that, do you think that means that you do not sow what you reap in life? Be a selfish, mean jerk your whole life and see where you end up when your older. I guarantee that even if by chance you end up materially happy, you will not be happy internally. So, this is not some "free reign do what you want" hippie philosophy book. READ it, and understand it, THEN criticize, but not before, lest you waste your time.
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am 7. November 1997
The title of this review should sound familiar. It's a paraphrase of what Captain Kirk said in "Star Trek: The Final Frontier" when a being who played "God" asked for the Enterprise to be turned over. "What does God need a starship for?" our brash Captain retorted.
I couldn't help think of this when reading CWG, especially since "God"/Walsch credits Gene Roddenbury as one of his many "inspirations." "God"/Walsh says that he speaks to all of us (so this book is really nothing that special, eh?) "God"/Walsch has written CWG because he apparently felt a need to get a very vital message across. Well, then ... if God can speak to anyone and everyone ... what, indeed DOES he need a publisher for?
I don't want to slam the book categorically. "God"/Walsch has many good criticisms of organized religion, and it is therefore not surprising that many of his critics are people who dislike having their rigid, orthodox beliefs questioned. I found the book useful in initiating many interesting conversations with friends, so it does have that value.
On the other hand, "God"/Walsch tends to prattle on about a lot of things, making some major gaff every now and then. For instance, the conversation about suffering glibly surmises that this painful experience is really a matter of perception -- look at your life differently and your suffering will cease. Try telling that to parents whose child has been murdered, or to Holocaust victims as they were about to enter the death camps. What kind of "suffering" is "God"/Walsch talking about -- the agony of a bad hair day???
There is a lot of "go with your feelings" philosophy which permeates this book, as though "God"/Walsch is the Big Pop Psychologist in the Sky who realizes that Affirmation goes a long, long way with we humans. The overall sense is that spirituality is easy, and a lot of what you've been feeling guilty about is okay, because as long as you face your feelings, actions don't have to have negative consequences. I'm reminded of another movie quote, when Jimmy Dougan tells Dottie Hunter in "League of Our Own," -- "Baseball is supposed to be hard. If it weren't hard, everybody would do it. It's the hard that makes it great." Seems like the same could be said about spirituality. CWG has "God"/Walsch telling us that it's a piece of cake, so relax and start feeling better already. It does not surprise me that the book has become so popular; "God"/Walsch is telling a lot of people what they want to hear, not necessarily what they need to hear.
But in all fairness, I have to admit that reading both volumes was a useful exercise. I found myself agreeing in some areas, but having to really sharpen my perceptions about religion in other areas. For that, I suppose the book is worth it, and that's why I didn't rate it as low as I might have.
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am 20. November 1997
Having been raised as a deeply religious Christian (minister's daughter), I have always been close to God. However, through the years many of the structured religious teachings conflicted with my deep inner "gut" feelings about God and the Church's teachings. Finally a book that puts on the page what I have known true inside for years. God is all knowning and all powerful. The book states it well...God is everything and God becomes everything. There is nothing which God is not, and all that God is experiencing in, as , through you. In purest form, God is Absolutely Everything, and therefore , needs, wants, and demands absolutely nothing.

Wow! Thats the description of my God. All loving and is Everything. This book clearly describes a God with no hidden agenda to slap your hands if you make mistakes in life (he would be slapping himself since we are made "of" him). The book covers the Biblical reference to being "created in his image." Being created in his image means we are made of the "stuff" that "he" is. The same energy. So those that would make him a vengeful God, who would he take vengeance since all that exists is him (in each of us).

Many people will have problems with this book in its reference to us controlling events in our lives. I have always thought nothing bad happens to anyone in life. It's only ones perspective of the event. Even the worst crimes, child murders, rapes etc. have positive events that this "bad" event was a catalyst. This books responds to the question as to "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Take any gobal horror story and look at the positive events that have spiraled out of the depths of the negative to create positive changes in people around it. It references the soul as being ageless and when something happens to a "child", the body may be of a child but the inner soul is not. Its the inner soul that is Who we Are. Read book1 and book 2 to help find out Who you Are.

For those people critical that Walsh could be inspired or directed by God to write these books, they need to remember it has done before. The Bible was written by inspired MEN. Then through the ages "edited" by inspired men.

Both book 1 and 2 should invoke much inner dialogue. Enjoy!
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am 9. April 1999
I felt extremely refreshed to find such wisdom in his writings. Having read Book1 I discovered that a majority of the questions asked and in turn the answers were a true reflection of the downfall of the human race at the moment. Faith seems to be a thing of the past. We only need to take a look at children of this day (specifically in the Western World) to realise how much further from God the world is moving. Whether readers believe that this powerful piece of writing is in fact direct from God or from a man who has found wisdom in moments of inspiration it really does not matter as the answers found therein are truly practical means in which Man/woman can get to know his/herself. Why do people find it so hard to believe that we are capable of much greatness and nothing is out of our depth in so far as we do it in the name of love? The most powerful feeling man/woman can experience.
I thank God and Neale Walsch for imparting to us such wisdom. And to be honest if people stopped picking at who this piece of writing came from and decided to apply themselves they would truly find happiness. I have often found it very difficult to believe that God could be the type of god most institutions would have us believe. A God that puts us on this earth with restrictions but claims to have given us free will as well as creating us in his image (does not really follow). Can God be full of contradictions as these institutions would have us believe?
Finally if the choices made by individuals were truly made for their highest self then it does follow that nothing but good could come from it. Preconcieved ideas and and Man's/Woman's reactions to them are usually what hinders mans progress. We constantly make judgments that don't come from our own experiences, this too can be said about any reproaches made about CWG as those who reproach have not allowed themselves to experience the wisdom and guidance therein. The choice is yours..........
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am 3. Dezember 1997
Conversations with God is an extrordinary book. It not only touches on life but it also touches upon spiritual truths. There are things that the spirit knows regardless of what the human mind wants to tell it. This is one of those books that allows the spirit to take off in the direction it has always known was out there. Conversations with God, like the Celestine Prophesy, is a book that gives a brief summary of how to get in touch with the spiritual side of being. Yet it is not the answer nor does it show how to take on life. Taking on your life is far more than just reading. It is taking on the actions and implimenting those actions into your life. It is taking on the behaviors that go along with those actions. Neale has done a fabulous job at giving an account at how easy it is for anyone to talk to God. There is no single person who has authority to talk to God while the rest of us wait to find out what God has to say. That's what caused monarchies and other such governments. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to take a first hand look at life from a spiritual point of view. I would however be careful not to fool yourself into thinking that this is the only spiritual experience that is out there. This is a good one. To Neale Donald Walsch I say congradulations. You have put out not only a best seller, you have put out a way that many might get a feel for what it is like to feel from the spiritual side of life. I don't know who reviews this, I would like you to know that when you get this message that I would appreciate it that you would either get it in touch with Neale or give him my e-mail address which is wilksnish@aol.com. There is some information that I know he is looking for. Thank you for the opportunity given to me that I might write a exerpt of the book to give to the rest of the world. To those who have not rated the book a ten, I know why.
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am 3. Juni 1999
I have to smile at all the God-fearing Christians who have reviewed this book. If one prefers to think of God as a fire-breathing, hateful, controlling monster who desires obedience over love and wishes to test us to within an inch of our lives, then certainly skip this book. However, if one prefers to use one's brain, then the philosophical and moral conflicts of the Bible are too much to accept. The Bible may be an accurate historical document (archaeology bears this out quite often), but it is not an accurate spiritual document. If one reads the philosophy of Buber or Locke or the psychlogical works of Maslow, it becomes quite evident to a modern perspective that the Hebrews who wrote the Old Testament were functioning at a fear level of thought (that is to say, all actions were motivated by fear, not love or even self-interest), and their attempts to personify God (who they defined as perfect, though perfection is by it's very nature something beyond definition) were attempts to render the incomprehensible into something understood, despite the low comprehension levels of most people at that time. Hence the brutal God/Allah/Yahwe who appears in the Bible, the Koran, and the Torah and is characterized as loving one group better than another, depending upon whose sacred book one is reading, even though their God is supposed to be perfect and perfection would not play favorites. People who cling to this version of God do so at the cost of logic or love, simply because they are comfortable in their self-righteousness. This book is God talking. God loves us, despite what we think of ourselves or each other. He/She will not punish or forsake us no matter how much we think we deserve it. Admit that so you may live and love one another. The truth shall make you free.
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am 8. April 1997
I have read everything I could get my hands on from eastern philosophy, to the "Tao Te Ching", to Gurdjieff, to Carlos Castenada's many books, to the "Nag Hammadi Library". You name it and I probably read it. They are all very interesting and engaging, and some, like Lao Tse's Tao Te Ching, are incredibly powerful. But all left me far from the enlightenment I sought.

More recently I have found excellent works like: Levy's "The Gospel of Jesus the Christ"; "Emmanuel's Book" volumes 1,2 & 3; and "The Course in Miracles". While I got closer and closer to the simple truths of life with each of these, it took 'Conversations with God' to finally enable the understanding I knew was possible.

I was brought up Catholic and am grateful for the spiritual foundation this afforded me, but I found the same fundamental contradictions Neal alludes to in CWG. I could not rectify the Christian Biblical teachings with my feelings. While there is so much good in the Bible, some of the contradictions were just too troubling.

I drifted from the church in search of other truths which might be closer to God's real being and give me the answers I sought.

I wondered where the journey would lead next and remained ever hopeful, and finally it is here. There are no contradictions in this book. Everything is consistent. All of life makes sense now.

With this enlightenment however comes ultimate repsonsibility. The buck starts and stops here with me. This is the most challenging aspect. But we are all supported by God's infinite Love which makes the living and and creating and re-membering so joyous.

Words can hardly express my gratitude and appreciation to God and to Neal for this work.

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am 24. Juni 1998
CWG I and II are excellent books on New Age philosophy, free-thinking, and many issues facing us today. When I read those parts pertaining to the fallacies of religion, I knew Walsch was in for trouble, but, unfortunately for the religious among us, he may be correct. There are one or two inconsistencies in the book(i.e. how does an infant "choose" its life experiences?), but they don't really affect the feeling of the story.
The ideas about sexual freedom, "attracting" what you want out of life simply by choosing it, and finding your own beliefs just completely blew me away (it actually works!!!), and I'm sure that many people out there are going to follow the guidelines set in this book to the letter.
However, I don't plan on turning this book into another Bible. Sure, some of you will say it's more than just a book, and maybe the ideas in it make it seem so, but it is just a book, just like the Bible is a compilation of fables and stories. See things as they are, not what they ought to be. Don't religion-ize this wonderful dialogue.
If you had prior spiritual beliefs before CWG, then re-evaluate them. If they work, then keep them, if they don't, then change them. It says this in the book, I know, but it's the absolute truth. You can't argue with that.
As for the idea of God talking to some Joe-Sixpack in the city, why not? If he can speak to a slave(Moses), why not an author? Besides, it's more entertaining this way.
All in all, CWG is a great read, but once again, try not turn it into gospel. Instead, use it to re-evaluate your beliefs, and if it really doesn't work for you, leave it behind and move on with your life in whatever way you choose.
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am 1. Juni 1999
I have read many people's opinions here both good and bad. In truth, it matters not wether the conversations were with God or whoever. The message in no way contradicts the message Jesus gives in the Bible, so I don't know what all the fuss is about. This book is excellent and will help many people understand in their own language what the Bible can never explain. Religions have perverted the messages in order to protect their institutions, and that is why so many flock to this book and many others whose message isn't necessarily the most positive one.
Someone in another review mentioned Satan and how the Bible says that God created an Angel that fell and became the devil and source of pure evil. Has this person stopped to think that he just said God created evil. By this same line of thought, then he created hell, and being Omniprescent as the Bible and all religions say he is, then he is present in hell as well, by definition alone. Then God is the root of all evil as well as the root of all that is good. Think about that one. You say that you should follow the message of Jesus, then why are you so quick to judge and destroy your neighbor, who has done you no harm, who is but trying to understand his life and help others understand theirs in a loving and positive way? Love God and love thy neighbor as you love thyself. It was that simple then, it's that simple now.
Once again, this is an excellent book, and I recommend it 100%. Even if you don't believe the conversation, the insight and logical truth behind it is well worth the money. Forget your religious institutions for two seconds, and try to look at the message of love and hope behind it. Happy Reading.
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