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am 8. Dezember 2013
First I read Keith Richards' memories ('Life') which were so detailed, analytic, and of course narrative. Richards' life is self-evidently not to be separated from the story of the Rolling Stones, as sometimes mentioned by himself. So I looked forward to get an other angle of view by reading the memories of Jo Wood. But at the end it was really disappointing, sometimes boring. Page after page, chapter after chapter, partys, drugs, alcohol, drugs, alcohol, partys, in between the 'adored children' … 'On tour with a Rolling Stone?' You will read little about this. 'The boys had a gig there and after this we had a big party with wonderful guests, XY came along and we partied until 9 a.m. next day' … I finally stopped reading near the end of the book. Jo was divorced after 30 years. She was asked to go to Bangladesh for some reason an she asked herself 'Where the hell is Bangladesh?' - after having travelled round the world again and again.
I couldn't stand this.
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am 22. Dezember 2013
hier haben wir also mal wieder einen neuen Blick auf die sattsam bekannten Heroen. Freebasin, Kokain und endlose Party. Respekt vor dem Standing. Pech nur das Ronnie weiter Party will und Frau sich weiterentwickelt. Also : Nichts wirklich neues ! Bleibt nur die Frage warum lassen sich manche Frauen so bereitwillig entwerten ? Trotzdem sehr lesenswert ! Und eine sympathische Jo Wood !
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